bullet Raynold GAGNON

He was married to Donna PELLETIER in Feb 1963.

bullet Sixte GAGNON

He was married to Zoe PELLETIER on 14 Feb 1831 in Canada.

bullet Alice GALLAGHER was born on 28 Jun 1885 in Caswell P.I. She died on 3 Oct 1939.

She was married to Felix PELLETIER on 25 Sep 1899 in St-Bruno, Van Buren, Maine. Children were: Girl PELLETIER , Francis PELLETIER, William PELLETIER, Josephine Ann PELLETIER, Patrick PELLETIER, Joseph PELLETIER, Leirney PELLETIER, Leo Linwood PELLETIER, Mary PELLETIER, Adelaide PELLETIER, Stillborn PELLETIER, Louise Virginia PELLETIER .

bullet Josephine GALLANT (Private).

Children were: Lucia-Elise TARDIF , Gaston-Hubert TARDIF, Gisele TARDIF, Louiselle TARDIF, Murielle TARDIF, Gerard TARDIF, Diane TARDIF.

bulletMarie-Luce GALLANT.

She was married to Emile-Yvano COULOMBE on 14 Jul 1952. Children were: Denise COULOMBE , Jocelyne COULOMBE, M-Paulette COULOMBE, Lisette COULOMBE, Doris COULOMBE, Jos-Hughes COULOMBE, J-Yves COULOMBE, Marina COULOMBE, Bibianne COULOMBE.

bullet Mary GARDINER

She was married to Lomen Zepherin BOUTOT in Jul 1963 in Van Buren, Me. Children were: Micheal BOUTOT.

bullet Elise GARRITY

She was married to Josephel PELLETIER on 5 Apr 1904 in Lac Baker, New Brunswick, Canada.

bullet Odette GAUDREAULT (Private).

Children were: Isabelle PELLETIER , Stephane PELLETIER.

bulletAngelique GAUMONT.

She was married to Augustin-Henri PELLETIER on 8 Nov 1813. Children were: Prudent PELLETIER .

bullet Lucienne GAUTHIER (Private).

Children were: Maud PELLETIER , Mathieu PELLETIER, Maud PELLETIER, Mathieu PELLETIER.

bulletPierrette GAUTREAU (Private).

Children were: Melanie MERRITT , Stephanie MERRITT, Jennifer MERRITT.

bulletYvonne GAUVIN was born on 28 Mar 1906 in Daigle, Maine. She died on 19 May 1973.

She was married to Zepherin BOUTOT on 11 Nov 1927. Children were: Lionel BOUTOT, Gerald BOUTOT, Reginald BOUTOT, Camille L. BOUTOT, Antonio BOUTOT, Albenie R BOUTOT, Rolande BOUTOT, Rudolph BOUTOT, Maire Ange BOUTOT, Dolores Sylvia BOUTOT, Lillian M BOUTOT.

bullet Adele GENDREAU

She was married to Georges PELLETIER on 4 Sep 1912 in St Francis, Maine.

bullet Antoine GENDREAU

He was married to Marguerite PELLETIER on 24 Jun 1889.

bullet Baptiste GENDREAU Parents: .

He was married to Catherine BOUTOT on 29 Jun 1885 in Fort Kent, Maine. Children were: Marie GENDREAU, Regina GENDREAU, Saddie GENDREAU.

bullet Cesarie GENDREAU Parents: .

She was married to Abel BEAULIEU on 24 Sep 1912 in St. Frances, Me..

bullet Genevieve GENDREAU

She was married to Raymond PELLETIER on 31 Jul 1868 in St-Francoise, Nb.

bullet Julie GENDREAU was born on 27 Dec 1853. She died on 7 Sep 1914 in St Francis, Maine.

She was married to Theodore PELLETIER on 22 Oct 1876 in Fort Kent, Maine. Children were: Adele PELLETIER, Marcelline PELLETIER, Belonie PELLETIER, Marie (Mary) PELLETIER, Raymond PELLETIER, Sarah PELLETIER, Gilbert Dennis PELLETIER.

bullet Julie GENDREAU was born in 1858. Parents: . Parents: .

Children were: Belonie PELLETIER, Simon PELLETIER.

bulletMarguerite GENDREAU. Parents: .

She was married to Albert MCPHERSON Spet 15 1919 in St Frances, Maine.

bullet Marie GENDREAU

She was married to Belone PELLETIER on 15 Jun 1914 in St Francis, Aroostook, Maine.

bullet Marie GENDREAU was born on 1 Jun 1887 in St Francis, Aroostook, Maine. She died on 13 Sep 1977 in Fort Kent, Maine. Parents: Baptiste GENDREAU and Catherine BOUTOT.

She was married to Abraham OUELLETTE. Children were: Auguste OUELLETTE, Ronald OUELLETTE, Oscar OUELLETTE, Reta OUELLETTE.

bullet Marie-Lucie GENDREAU

She was married to Denis PELLETIER on 14 Jan 1901 in St Francis, Aroostook, Maine. Children were: Francois-Alphonse PELLETIER, Cyrille PELLETIER , Emile Richard PELLETIER.

bullet Mary Lily GENDREAU

She was married to Norman BAKER on 3 Apr 1929 in St Francis, Aroostook, Maine.

bullet Pascal GENDREAU was born in 1887. He died on 21 Apr 1986 in Frenchville, Maine.

He was married to Sarah PELLETIER on 27 Feb 1908 in St Francis, Maine. Children were: Pat JANDREAU , Reine JANDREAU, Gertrude JANDREAU, Georgette JANDREAU, Treffle A. JANDREAU.

bullet Philomene GENDREAU was born on 30 Dec 1846. She died on 21 Feb 1918 in St Francis, Maine. Parents: . Parents: .

She was married to Denis PELLETIER on 3 Apr 1864 in Frenchville, Maine. Children were: Flavie PELLETIER, Belonie PELLETIER, Nazaire D. PELLETIER, Remi PELLETIER, Hilaire PELLETIER, Raymond PELLETIER, Marcelline PELLETIER, Nathalie PELLETIER.

bullet Regina GENDREAU Parents: Baptiste GENDREAU and Catherine BOUTOT.

She was married to JONES .

bullet Saddie GENDREAU Parents: Baptiste GENDREAU and Catherine BOUTOT.

She was married to NASMAN .

bullet Zithee GENDREAU

She was married to Cyrill PELLETIER on 8 Nov 1875 in Fort Kent, Maine.

bullet Lucie GENDRON

bulletKelly GEOGHAGAN (Private). Parents: Noel GEOGHAGAN and Martha PELLETIER.

bullet Kevin GEOGHAGAN (Private). Parents: Noel GEOGHAGAN and Martha PELLETIER.

bullet Noel GEOGHAGAN

Children were: Kelly GEOGHAGAN, Kevin GEOGHAGAN.

bulletMarie GERBERT was born in 1660. She died on 11 Jun 1749 in St. Roch. Parents: Mathurin GERBERT and âElisabeth TARGER.

She was married to Pierre ST-PIERRE on 24 Apr 1679 in Ste-Famille ãI.O.. Children were: Elisabeth ST-PIERRE, Barbe ST-PIERRE, Ignace ST-PIERRE, Marie-Ursule ST-PIERRE, Jacques ST-PIERRE, Pierre ST-PIERRE.

bullet Marie-Anne GERBERT was born in 1687. She died in 1727. She Page Number 8,31. Parents: Marie PELLETIER.

She was married to Jean Baptiste CLOUTIER on 26 Apr 1706 in Cap St.Ignace, Montmagny, Pq. Children were: Joseph CLOUTIER, Jean-Baptiste CLOUTIER, Pierre CLOUTIER, Genevieve CLOUTIER, Francoise-Ursule CLOUTIER , Pierre-Paul CLOUTIER, M-Rosalie CLOUTIER, Marguerite CLOUTIER.

bullet Mathurin GERBERT was born in France.

Children were: Marie GERBERT.

bulletBetty GERVAIS.

She was married to Charles DUBOIS on 30 Aug 1985 in St.Louis Church, Fort Kent, Aroostook, Maine. Children were: Joshua Charles DUBOIS, Andrew Joseph DUBOIS.

bullet Cheryl GERVAIS (Private).

Children were: Michel MERRITT , David MERRITT.

bulletRichard GERVAIS.

He was married to Rinette A. PICARD on 5 Jun 1987 in St Agatha, Me.

bullet Kenneth R. GESSAY

He was married to Nancy Pauline PELLETIER on 10 Dec 1994.

bullet Michelle Sue GIBBAR (Private).

bulletNicole GILBERT.

She was married to Roland-Germain HARRISON on 5 Jul 1969 in St-Edmond, Abitibi, Que.

bullet Martina GILLESPIE

She was married to Maurice SIROIS on 2 Aug 1952. Children were: David SIROIS, Paul SIROIS.

bullet Brian M. GILLIGAN

He was married to Michelle Marie PELLETIER on 10 Sep 1994.

bullet Jr. Belfanz GLENN

bulletDebbie GLUCK.

She was married to Gary BOUTOT. Children were: Gary BOUTOT, Aimee BOUTOT , Nicholas BOUTOT.

bullet Felix GODBOUT (Private).

Children were: Yannick GODBOUT .

bulletYannick GODBOUT (Private). Parents: Felix GODBOUT and Diane TARDIF.

bullet Dianne GOODBOU (Private).

Children were: Ronnie PELLETIER , Dale PELLETIER.

bulletLucie GORNEAU.

She was married to Evaniste PELLETIER on 23 Feb 1873 in St Francois Cte Madawaska N.B., Canada..

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