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Family Origins

Spreading Branches

Spreading Branches
Genealogy of the Molinar, Pleasants, and Allied Families

Climbing the branches of our tree, we find ancestors that were born in America, but their ancestors came from many places such as: Mexico, Spain, England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Poland, Hungary, and others.

Our time-traveling tree includes knights, dukes, lords, bandits, slavery, abolitionism, castles, poor farms, and so much more!
The branches of our tree thus far include family lines of:

Rosaria Baeza (?-?)
Bensalado Baiza (?-?)
Paz Gonzalez (?-?)
Jesusita Hererra (?-?)
Cipriano Hernandez (?-?)
Victoriano Molinar (?-?)
UNKNOWN Pacheco (?-?)
Luciana Ramirez (?-?)
Mateo Silvas (?-?)
Juliana UNKNOWN (?-)

Edward Belson (?-1690)
Ann Booth (1579-?)
Robert Brasseur (?-?)
Miles Cary (1621-1667)
Amy Childs (Abt. 1665-1765)
James Clarke (?-?)
Sarah DeCoursey (?-?)
Rebecca Ely (1647-1711)
George Emlen (Abt. 1674-1710)
Mary Fullwood (Abt. 1600-1682)
William Garrett (1643-1724)
John Goodson (?-?)
Stanislaus Grybusz (?-?)
James Harrison (?-1687)
John Head (?-?)
Ann Heath (1624-1690)
Robert Heath (?-?)
Thomas Jordan (1600-?)
James Kirby (?-?)
Matthew Kirkbride (?-?)
Godfrey Kirke (?-?)
Montrow Achillis Knight (1812-1873)
Jane Larcome (1638-1708)
Rebecca Mace (1686-1764)
Magdalena Makowiec (?-?)
Francis Milner (Abt. 1623-?)
Joseph Mruk (?-?)
Ann Parker (Abt. 1542-?)
Katherine Patras (?-1558)
Ralph Pemberton (?-1687)
William Pleasants (1528-1583)
Thomas Reade (?-?)
John Reckless (?-?)
Margaret Satterthwaite (?-?)
John Stacye (Abt. 1539-1593)
Thomas Stevens (?-?)
Katherine Strain (?-?)
Thomas Taylor (Abt. 1600-Abt. 1660)
John Warder (?-?)

We'd like to invite you to join in our time-travel adventure. Pick a branch and explore. You'll probably find an interesting tidbit or two, even if you don't discover a connection to us.

This work is a gift of love for my children. My prayer is that, as they learn about the history of the world around them, they will come to realize the impact of those ancestors who came before them, and will strive to become men who will leave a legacy of hope, peace and love to their future generations. 
We are constantly adding to these pages, so be sure to return often for the latest updates.

If you find a connection, have suggestions or corrections, or just want to chat, drop us a line - we'd love to hear from you!  

As a homeschooling family, and in an effort to learn about current events and issues as well as the past, we have chosen to include information on living relatives. We attempt to gain permission first, however some relatives may be unreachable for one reason or another. If your information, or that of your children is present on this website, and you wish to have it removed, please let us know and we will remove it. 

Please climb the branches of our tree for as long as you like. After you climb back down, you might enjoy a trip through the rest of our online world, Alaskan Place, found at http://www.AlaskanPlace.com .

Thank you for visiting!
Monica Molinar,
North Pole, Alaska

Monica Lynn Pleasants Molinar
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