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Family Origins

Neil Pudney's Genealogy Home Page

Welcome to my new home page. In time I hope to be able to offer help to those of you out there with a Pudney up your tree! I am slowly building up a searchable database of Pudney facts and figures, including extracts from Census Returns, Parish Registers and the Indexes to Births, Marriages, and Deaths. The great majority of this information is UK based, but I would like to hear from any one, from anywhere, that has a connection to the name!
Being unsure about copyright, I do not intend to publish any information on the net-but I will list those records I hold in more detail so that others may decide if they would like to have a search carried out, free of charge of course!
In the true tradition of the Internet, I will probably not modify this page for about 6 months! However you can see the ancestors that were responsible for burdoning the world with me by using the link at the bottom of this page.

Neil Andrew Pudney
Leatherhead, Surrey Great Britain-England
Neil's Ancestors

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