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Family Origins

The Rateliff Family of Arkansas

My late father, Kenneth Earl Rateliff began researching the family history just prior to his death in 1997. Several members of the Rateliff/Harden families in Nevada, Hempstead, Pulaski, and Rogers counties of Arkansas have offered information cocnerning the family. Should you have any information about our family, especially should you believe you are related, please contact me at alan@rateliff.org.

Although I have not been able to confirm it, we believe our family is descended from Ivo de Tailbois (John Talbot of England) Ivo assisted William the Conqueror invade England in 1066.

Our name has undergone many changes in spelling, from what is believed to be the original Radclyffe to the more recent Ratliff and Rateliff versions.

Alan Wayne Rateliff
1602 S Palm Blvd
Niceville, Florida 32578
United States

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