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Family Origins

Nancy Rivers' ancestors

I am researching the surnames of Barnes, Billings, Bradley, Burt, Byam, Doonan, Foster, Gibbs, Gorham, Jones, Hickmott, Howland, Hutchinson, Isett, Lacy, Lawhead, Leechland, March, Martyn, Meeks/Mix, Meacham, Moore, Munson, Neal, Plumb, Powell, Potter, Pritchard, Rivers, Sears, Smith, Sparke, Stephenson, Stiles, Stouts, Tilley, Tolles, Towne, Turner, Waddington, Wakefield, Wellington, Whitney, Wickham, Wilmot, Wortman.

Most of these surnames are in Michigan, Canada (Ontario and Quebec), New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Vermont and England.

Nancy Rivers
, MI A-United States

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