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Family Origins

Peg's Family Corner

Welcome to my family. Help yourself to any information that you find useful. What you find here represents twenty five years of work.It is a fantastic experience finding and getting to know one's ancestors. We are talking about those people who have made my husband and I what we are. I am very proud of my heritage and I have developed a great respect for the heritage of my husband. The people of our past I have come to know very well. Maybe even more than those living today. I had no idea before beginning this study what strong and sturdy people make up our gene bank. There is no end to the study. Some families are easy to trace back to other countries to even other centuries, but other families are difficult to trace. Here are some of the names you will find in this databank: Cheseldine, Lee, Crane,Sims,Enfield, Davis, French, Owen, Lawler, Fraser, Rufner/Ruffner, Jason, Bernard, Lewis, Richards, Shaw, Allen, Utley, Bisco, and many others. These families stretch from the East coast to the borders of Illinois. Many first came to this country in 1600's and others arrived shortly after. There are others that I have not found their origins. The work represented here is not just my own, but hundreds of wonderful people have shared information and helped me locate facts that were essential to know. Every attempt has been made to document what you will find here.Remember that nothing is perfect and new facts will be uncovered from time to time. It is a basis from which to work. The people who have helped me will remain nameless, but I find it important to give them my thanks in a public place, so that they will know my appreciation. The other thing that I would like to leave with future researchers is the fun and joy that is found by meeting and getting to know those people of the present who are either of the same families or have helped me even though they had no connection to my family. The internet is wonderful thing. I know so many people, and I have not the faintest idea what they look like or what they do. My life's work has been with people, sharing their lives and helping them solve their problems. Their is little difference in people now or in the past.

Peggy F. Rufner
10910 E. Sunnydale Dr.
Sun Lakes, AZ 85248
A-United States

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