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Family Origins

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This web page is about the descendants and ancestors of Bernard Louis Miller and his wife, Dorothy Vernette Pederson Miller.

Dorothy's father, John was the son of Norwegian immigrants. Their surnames include MONSON, PEDERSON, REIN & OLSON. The Pederson, Olson & Rein branch of the family came from Verdal, Norway. Dorothy's mother, Alice was of Norwegian and English descent with ancestors in America back as far as the early 1700's. Alice's ancestors' surnames include: CASE, MOE, GRIMES, DANA, MANNING, FERGUSON, BAKER, LILLIE, PETERS, MOREAU, WINSHIP, WINSLEY, UNDERWOOD, WALTER, RUSS, RAMSFORD, PELLETT, BEAMSLEY, BARKER, BAKER & STEARNS. Many of these families date back to the early to mid 1600's in America. The majority of them are imigrants from England. Research is currently being done to trace their pedigree in England.

The research into Bernard's ancestors has resulted in knowledge of predominantly Prussian ancestry with possibly English thrown in. Very little has been found on his father's father, Chester MILLER. Census data, obituary notices and family memories all have conflicting information. It is believed that Chester came from England but nothing further has been found. Chester's wife, Emma is of German descent. However nothing has been found to date other than her father's name and her mother's first name. Family surnames for Bernard's paternal side are: MILLER & CARR. Bernard's mother descended from a long line of Prussian ancestors who settled in Quincy, Illinois. Family memories have stated that the ancestry was Dutch but this researcher has found ancestors from Stadtlohn, Westfalen, Prussia dating back to the mid 1700's. One branch of this family also came from Baden, Germany. Surnames include: VANDENBOOM, STALF, MILBERT, BARENBRUGGE, TERKUHLE, BARLINGHORST, ELLERS, WIGGERS.

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