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Family Origins

The Giorgio & Carmella (Puzio) Sepe Family Home Page

My grandfather’s name is Giorgio Sepe. I am trying to trace him back to his roots in Italy.
* I’m guessing he was born around 1883
* I’m guessing he was born in Naples
* He had 4 brothers…Molliette, Dominick, Gennaro, Pepe or Bepe), and a sister Arosse (said to be a redhead)
* He married a Carmella Puzzio
* I estimate he was married in 1908
* I estimate he came to America in 1909
* His first born in America was my Uncle Vincent in 1910, followed by my father, Pasquale, then George, Dominick Mike and Gennaro. My aunt Garetta fits in there somewhere.
* He was a barber by trade.
* He lived on Villa Avenue in the Bronx, New York

I believe he came from Naples because I found out that one of his brothers Gennaro was from Naples.

George Nicholas Sepe
58 Palisade Avenue
Trumbull, Connecticut 06611
A-United States

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