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Family Origins

Research on Appaya, Nilakanta Dikshitas

We are the Descendants of Mahan Appaya & Nilakanta Dikshitas' of Tamilnadu, India, from Pattamadai, near Tirunelveli.Various great personalities are / were the descendants of Shri. Appaya Dikshita, including the eminent Shri. Nilakanta Dikshita of Palamadai,Minister to Thrumalai Nayyakar of Madurai,who was the Grandson of Shri. Appaya Dikshta's brother, Shri. Achhan Dikshita. Kodaganallur Sri. Sundara Swamigal(Daughter side) and Swami Sivanada Maharaj(Divine Life Soceity,Rishikesh) of Pattamadai are also the descendants of the Dikshita family.

There is a great history about Shri. Appaya & Nilakanta Dikshidars' and many researchers like Dr. Jagadeesan of Maduari have done extensive studies especially on the works of the Dikshitas'. A New Temple has been constructed Shri.Appaya Dikshita within the campus of Lord Kalakanteswarar , a temple built by Shri.Appaya Dikshita himself, was consecrcated on 14-10-2000 at Adayapalm in the presense of Kanchi Acharyal Sri. Jayendra Saraswati. Shri. Jayendra Saraswati, was presented with "The Appaya Dikshita Family Tree " compiled with infroma-tions provided by various personalities like Late Shri. Ramesan- IAS, Shri. P.M.Ramachandran of Palamadi,Shri. Krishnamurthy, Shri.P.N.G.Subramaniyam, Mrs.Savithri Iyer, and of course by my late Father. Shri. P.S.Krishnaswamy, alias Ambi Anna of Pattamadai.

A Private Trust "Srimad Appayya Dikshithar (PVT) Trust",is operating from, Mahindra Apartments, 13/A1, Jayammal Road, Teynampet, Chennai - 600018. There is another trust operating at Palamadai for Shri.Nilakanta Dikshita and Shri.P.S.Krishnan, Retd.Sr.Br.Manager-L.I.C, Palamadai- 627359 can be contacted.The Trusts are doing a lot of social work, including Poojas daily Poojas & during special occasions. The donations can also be sent to "Sri.Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam, Sri.Sankaracharya Swamigal Mutt, Kanchipuram -631 502,India".

All the descendants of Shri. Dikshitas' family and also the Pattamadai group, are hereby requested to provide information either to the trusts' or to me , giving the details of individuals in the family ( both living & dead ),names including aliases, Date of Birth/Death, Profession, Education, Gothram etc., which information can then be updated in the Family Tree. Even the female members of the family (both daughters & Daughter-in-Laws) details shall be provided, which details about females are always missing in any family trees, without whom the tree would not have grown.

The present Family Tree contains around 3000 individuals (around 18 generations), and many more links need to be clarified/added, for which, the information provided by the individaul descendants will help a longway. The details required are: Husband Name: Date & Place Of Birth: Date & Place of Death: Wife Name: Date & Place of Birth: Date & Place of Death: Marriage Date & Place: Children Names , Date & palce of Birth: Vedi: Gothra: & Other information.

Kindly forward your group's details. Namaskarams

Sivaswami (aka) Ramesh

Pattamadai Krishnaswamy Sivaswami
M - 558 , ASTC Hudco (New)
65 th Cross Street, Phase VIII
Hosur, Tamilnadu 635109
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Descendants of Sivaswami

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