bullet Frances SKILES was born on 8 Feb 1911. She died in Jan 1984. Parents: Hindman Rhodes SKILES and Stella SPURGIN.

bullet Francis Marion SKILES(20) was born on 2 Dec 1843 in Rushville, Schuyler Co, IL. He died on 8 Aug 1925 in Schuyler Co, IL. Lived with parents for awhile after marriage and first child Ann was born.

He was the only one of his family that stayed in IL and did not move to NE.

He and Malinda had total of 8 children, 4 girls and 4 boys, all but one girl
died in infancy or early childhood.

Parents: William Carlos SKILES and Sarah Ann (Sally) LUTTRELL.

He was married to Malinda GEER on 13 Feb 1864 in Schuyler Co, IL. Children were: Ann SKILES.

bullet Frank H SKILES was born on 12 Nov 1861 in <PA>. He died in 1933. Parents: Harmon SKILES and Lydia LAWRENCE .

bullet Frederick SKILES was born on 1 Oct 1877 in <IL>. Parents: James M SKILES and Cynthia Asberine TRACY.

bullet Freida Delores SKILES(36) was born on 4 Nov 1905 in Hickory twp, Schuyler Co, IL. She died after 1974. Parents: Jefferson Ernest SKILES and Carrie Bell ROBERTSON .

She was married to William Maurice MILLER on 18 Apr 1924 in Rushville, Schuyler Co, IL.(36)

bullet George SKILES was born between 1842 and 1853 in Rushville, Schuyler Co, IL. Parents: Lewis Byron SKILES and Phebe Jane BATES.

bullet George SKILES was born on 16 Sep 1856 in <PA>. Parents: Harmon SKILES and Lydia LAWRENCE.

bullet George SKILES was born in Nov 1907 in <NE>. He died in Jan 1974 in Wilsonville, NE. Parents: Peter Norman SKILES and Minnie SEYBOLD.

bullet George Alexander SKILES was born about 1856 in TN. Parents: Bayless SKILES and Malinda JONES.

bullet George Baker SKILES was born in 1830 in TN. He died on 7 Mar 1863. (29) Died during serving in the Civil War.
Parents: John Jackson (Jack) SKILES and Mary (Polly) JENNINGS.

He was married to Bethiah A MCAFEE on 22 Jul 1852 in Gasconade Co, MO. (29) Children were: William SKILES, John SKILES, Mary SKILES, Louisa Jane SKILES, Nancy Caroline SKILES, George Sigel SKILES.

bullet GEORGE M SKILES(20) (36)(21) (50)(302) was born on 11 Aug 1778 in Hagerstown, Washington Co, Maryland Colony. He died on 4 Aug 1863 in Hickory twp, Schuyler Co, IL.(8) He was buried in Old Ridgeville Cemetery, Browning Twp, Schuyler Co, IL. (8) He was Methodist Epis.. He was a farmer. Made same migrations as brother William & sister Susan.
In War or 1812, 2nd Lt., in Captain Cowans Co., Battle of New Orleans.

" Tennessee Veterans War of 1812": George Skiles, Ensign, Col. James Raulston, Capt.
Mathew Cowan, Inf.

Marriage was performed by Matthew Wallace, J.P.

1800 moved from Greene Co, TN to Jackson Co, TN, in 1816 moved to IN; KY;
Wayne Co., MO, 1825 in Schuyler Co, IL.

Erected the first mill on Sugar Creek.

Minutes of Feb session, 1797, Green Co, TN Ministry of the court of common please, 1797
- 1807, Page 77: George Skiles enters into bond with John Skiles his security in the sum of
three hundred dollars for the maintenance of a Bastard Child of Jane Graham. 1 Dollar
According to Elva Coombs:
"George Skiles was a native of Maryland, and arrived in the county Dec 2, 1826, settling on
the 16th section of Rushville twp. (about 2 mi. NE of the town of Rushville.) He had lived
in Tennessee, and from that state he was with General Jackson at the battle of New
Orleans. In the fall of 1816 he went to Indiana; subsequently he removed to Kentucky,
where he remained until 1819, when he went to Missouri. From this state he came to
Schuyler County, bringing with him a family of 11 children, seven of whom are still living
(1882), four daughters and three sons; John lives in the town of Browning, James R in
McDonough Co and William C in Nebraska. All three are ministers of the gospel. George
Skiles held the first coroner's inquest ever held in the county---over the body of George
Everett, shot and killed by James Morgan.---"
"The pioneer perhaps suffers less from almost every other cause than from insufficient mills
to grind the meager harvest won from the primitive soil. The subject of mills, therefore,
engaged the early attention of the first settlers, and George Skiles, David Wallace, and
Alfred Wallace set to work vigorously and erected the first mill in 1829 on Sugar Creek in
section 20 (between the Skiles farm and Rushville). It was a rude log structure and was at
first merely a saw mill. Two burrs, one for wheat and one for corn, were added in 1831.
The dam was constructed of logs and dirt and a portion of it yet remains.-----In 1831 they
added an up and down saw and did quite a lumber business. In the spring of 1829 Thomas
Justus, brother-in-law of George Skiles, built a combined saw and grist mill above the Skiles
"The first religious society in the county was a Methodist Episcopal Church organized in
Aug 1826. Members included William skiles, Catherine Justus, Rebecca Skiles, George
Skiles, Polly Skiles, James Justus, John P Skiles, Elizabeth Skiles, Moses Skiles, Matilda
Skiles. Other Skiles mentioned are 2 other Johns, 2 James, Betsy, Harvey T., and another
From "The Schuylerite", vol 10 #2, p57, Schuyler Co. Hist. Soc.:

WAR OF 1812
Declaration Of A Widow For Pension

County of Schuyler ) ss.

On this 24th day of May, A.D., one thousand eight hundred and seventy one,
personally appeared before me, Edward Bertholf Clerk of the Circuit Court, a court of
record in and for the county and State aforesaid Mary Skiles, aged 87 (age not clear) years,
a resident of browning, County of Schuyler State of Illinois who, being duly sworn according
to law declares that she is the widow of George Skiles who served the full period of sixty
days in the Military service of the United States in the War of 1812; and who was the
identical George Skiles who was a 2nd Lieut in Captain Cowans company Jas. Ralston
regiment, at Jackson County, Tennessee division at Jackson County Tennessee sometime in
1814-1815, and was honorably discharged at New Orleans sometime after the battle of
New Orleans on the 8th day of January 1815. That he lived at the time he enlisted in
Jackson County Tennessee; in 1816 he removed to Indiana thence back to Kentucky and
thence to Missouri and in 1826 he removed to Illinois and resided there until his death. That
she was married under the name of Mary Justice to said George Skiles, on the 7th day of
January, A.D. 1802, by Matthew Wallace a Justice of the Peace at Blount County,
Tennessee, there being no legal barrier to such marriage; that her said husband died at
Schuyler County, Illinois on the 4th day of August 1863, and that she has not remarried
since his death; that at no time during the late rebellion against the authority of the United
States, did she or her husband abhere to the use of the enemies of the Government, giving
them aid or comfort; or exercised the functions of any office whatever under any authority,
or pretended authority, in hostility to the United States; that she is not in receipt of a pension
under any previous act; that she makes this declaration for the purpose of being placed on
the pension rolls of the United States, under the provision of the act approved February 14,
1871, and hereby constitutes and appoints, with full power of substitution and revocation,
John C Bagby of Rushville Illinois, her true and lawful attorney.....to prosecute her claim
and obtain the pension certificate that may be issued; that her post office is at Pleasantview,
County of Schuyler, State of Illinois; that her domicile or place of abode is near
Pleasantview, Schuyler County, Illinois.

Mary (X) Skiles
her mark

Attest: Moses J Skiles
Samuel F Wallace

Places of residence: Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri, Illinois
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>

Parents: JOHN SKILES and Elizabeth (Lizzie).

He was married to MARY ANN (Polly) JUSTUS on 7 Jan 1802 in , Blount, TN.(303) Children were: John P SKILES, MOSES JUSTUS SKILES, Rebecca SKILES, Amelia Elizabeth (Betsey) SKILES, Sarah Jane SKILES , Lewis Byron SKILES, Mary Ann (Polly) SKILES, James Ralston SKILES, William Carlos SKILES, Mary Emiline SKILES, Susan SKILES.

bullet George McNinnon SKILES(36) was born on 13 Aug 1829 in Hickory twp, Schuyler Co, IL. He died on 13 May 1891 in Rushville Cem., Schuyler Co., IL. Burial info from Goodhope Cemetery, aka McTyree Cemetery, Rushville twp, Schuyler Co,IL Parents: MOSES JUSTUS SKILES and Matilda SWAZEA.

He was married to Elizabeth HUMPHRY on 4 Apr 1853 in <IL>. Children were: Emma E SKILES.

bullet George Sheldon (Durg) SKILES(20) was born on 27 Feb 1850 in Schuyler Co, IL. He died on 12 Apr 1943 in NE.
Homesteaded near sister Susan Ellen in Nebraska. Parents: William Carlos SKILES and Sarah Ann (Sally) LUTTRELL .

He was married to Lucinda SCHRODER on 23 Mar 1876 in IL. Children were: William Frederick SKILES, Lillie Maria SKILES, Maggie May SKILES, Sarah "Sadie" Evalina SKILES , Ola I. SKILES, Infant SKILES , Hazel Fern SKILES.

bullet George Sigel SKILES was born on 6 Sep 1862 in Gasconade Co, MO. He died on 1 Jan 1939. Parents: George Baker SKILES and Bethiah A MCAFEE.

He was married to Fanny VERNON about 1882 in Phelps Co, MO.

bullet George W SKILES was born in 1854 in Harlen Co., NE. (304) Parents: Philip C. SKILES and Nancy A NEWARK.

bullet George Washington SKILES was born on 22 Feb 1848 in Schuyler Co, IL. (305) He died on 15 Mar 1926 in Orange Co, CA. (29) Parents: James Ralston SKILES and Louisa "Elizabeth Ann" RENO.

He was married to Emily Prudence STRONG on 11 Apr 1872 in Schuyler Co, IL.(43)

bullet George Washington SKILES(306) was born on 27 Jul 1837 in Brayton, Bledsoe Co, TN. He died in Jun 1914 in Lancaster Co, TX. Parents: Jacob SKILES and Susannah HIXSON.

He was married to Margaret SMITH . Children were: George Washington Jr SKILES.

bullet George Washington Jr SKILES(306) was born on 17 Jun 1870 in Brayton, Bledsoe Co, TN. He died on 22 Aug 1948 in Rusk, Cherokee Co, TX. Ruby Zirkle's Grandfather. Parents: George Washington SKILES and Margaret SMITH.

bullet Hannah SKILES was born after 1765. She died before 1865. Parents: Alexander SKILES and Elizabeth WATSON.

bullet Hannah SKILES was born on 2 Dec 1852 in <PA>. Parents: Harmon SKILES and Lydia LAWRENCE.

bullet Harman SKILES was born in 1758. He died in 1792 in Salisbury Twp, Lancaster Co, PA. Parents: Harmon SKILES and Margaret (SKILES).

He was married to Elizabeth MCGUIRE c1783. Children were: Herman SKILES , Hugh McGuire SKILES, Elizabeth SKILES, William SKILES.

bullet Harmon SKILES(22) was born after 1719. He died in Dec 1798 in W. Caln, Chester Co, PA.(22) Parents: Henry SKILES and Alchey (SKILES).

He was married to Margaret (SKILES) c1745. Children were: Henry SKILES, James SKILES, Margaret SKILES, Rachel SKILES, William SKILES, John SKILES, Harman SKILES, Samuel SKILES.

bullet Harmon SKILES(307) was born after 1800 in <PA>. He died before 1900. Parents: James SKILES and Sarah (SKILES).

He was married to Lydia LAWRENCE on 19 Sep 1843 in Pequea, Lancaster Co, PA. Children were: Sara Ann SKILES, Mary SKILES , John Lawrence SKILES, James SKILES, Hannah SKILES, Albert SKILES, George SKILES, Lydia Eleanor SKILES, Frank H SKILES, Samual Grier SKILES, Harry SKILES.

bullet Harmon SKILES was born in 1818 in PA. He died before 1918 in Frederick, KS. Parents: Hugh McGuire SKILES and Margaret FLACK.

bullet Harmon SKILES Parents: William SKILES and Jane (SKILES).

bullet Harmon SKILES was born between 1803 and 1813 in PA. Parents: John SKILES and Susannah WAGONNER.

bullet Harold SKILES Parents: James Lawrence SKILES and Wanda L PHILLIPS.

bullet Harold Stanton SKILES(36) was born on 23 Jan 1904 in Sheldons Grove, Schuyler Co., IL. He died on 16 Apr 1918. Parents: William Newton SKILES and Alma Alice FISHER.

bullet Harriet Lytle SKILES was born on 4 Mar 1815 in Lancaster Co, PA. She died before 1915. Parents: Henry SKILES and Rebecca LYTLE.

bullet Harry SKILES was born on 11 Oct 1866 in <PA>. He died on 23 Mar 1904. Parents: Harmon SKILES and Lydia LAWRENCE .

bullet Harvey B SKILES was born on 7 Feb 1858 in TN. He died on 29 Jan 1915 in Dillon twp., Phelps Co., MO. Parents: Bayless SKILES and Malinda JONES.

bullet Harvey/Henry SKILES(21) was born on 8 Dec 1807 in Jackson Co., TN. He died on 17 Feb 1890 in CA. Harvey Skiles..moved to Lee Co Iowa by 1840 and to Lamar Co Texas by 1843, where Lettie d. that yr. He married Martha Parker (his name appears on mg rec as Henry or hervy). By 1848 Skiles had settled in Navco in the Milford area, which became part of Ellis co in Dec 1850. He appears on NCTxR1s 1848-50; in 1849 and 1850 was taxed for 320 ac of Thomas Duncan 3rd Cl surv, located S of Milford, present Ellis County. He appears on 1850 census Ellis co, enum as Harvey Skiles. AY Kirkpatrick mentions "Skiles Settlement on the old Waco-Dallas road" and states that "Henry Skiles, the Parker boys (and others)" were first settlers in this, the Milford area; also states that Indian Dick lived with Mr. Skiles, that he (Indian Dick), Henry Skiles, the Parker boys, and 2 Beaty boys left for the gold fields in Calif. In 1860 Skiles liv El Monte, Los Angeles Co, Calif, and in 1870 liv Bakersfield, Kern Co, Calif."
Source: "Old Nother West Texas Historical - Statistical Biographical vol 1-B Navarro county 1846 - 1860" by samuels and Knox, pub. by Fort Worth Genealogical Society Gen R 976.4 Cross Reference: See 1860 California, Los Angeles County and 1850 Texas Census, Ellis County.
Parents: William SKILES and Lydia CHADWELL.

He was married to Lettie D JUSTUS on 13 Oct 1831 in Schuyler Co, IL. Children were: Mary Jane SKILES, James H SKILES, Lydia M SKILES, William (H or T) SKILES.

He was married to Martha PARKER on 15 Jun 1844 in Lamar Co, TX.(21) Children were: Daucilla E SKILES.

bullet Hazel Fern SKILES was born in 1892. She died in 1983. Parents: George Sheldon (Durg) SKILES and Lucinda SCHRODER .

bullet Henderson G SKILES was born on 25 Jan 1825 in Newton, Cumberland Co, PA. (22) He died before 1925 in <PA>. Parents: Davis SKILES and Elizabeth MOORE.

He was married to Marha A SNODGRASS c1845. Children were: James Wilson SKILES, Howard C SKILES, Estelle M SKILES, Edwin SKILES.

bullet Henry SKILES(21) was born in 1720 in Cecil Co., MD. He died in 1782 in York Co, PA.(21) He has reference number p. 91. Probably lived at Cordorus, York Co, PA 1779-1782 Parents: JOHN SKILES and Elizabeth (SKILES).

bullet Henry SKILES(21) (22) was born in 1699 in Wicomico, Somerset Co, MD. (308) He died in 1750 in Lancaster Co, PA. (309) He signed a will on 19 Apr 1750 in Leacock twp, Lancaster Co, PA. He has reference number pn p.97. References: Somerset Wills (liber E.B.#9, folio 20, Somerset Birth & Marriages (Genealogical Society microfilm), Torrence's book (Pages 436-458) and Somerset deeds.

Henry SKILES was born about 1699 and married, first , a woman named miss Alchey, then a woman named Catherine. Henry and Catherine settled in Lancaster Co, Penn., where henry died in 1750.

In the name of God Amen, I henry Skyles, of Leacock township &
County of Lancaster Province of Pennyslvannia. Being through God's ercy
& Goodness of sound mind & Memory and being uncertain of life or Death
do think fit to make this my last will & testament in manner following,
that is to say. First; It is to my that all my just Debts & funeral
Expenses be duly paid & satisfied. I give unto my will beloved wife
CATHARINE SKYLES. Ye just sum of thirty pounds curant lawful money of
this Province as also the fifthsheaf of rye & oats. that shall be
raised on the plantation and the fifth part of the hay as also one third of
all my personal property. Except what is herein after excepted. Provide my
wife afforsaid shall behave properly towards my children. and not give
herself the LIBERTY of BEING DRUNCK or DRINK to EXCESS and if it should
happen that she act upon any of Ye offences & extremes that then is my
will. She shall have the twenty pounds above mentioned, in full of all
she can claim, out of my estate goods & Chattles, and upon her good
behaviour as afforsaid. shall have over and above a room in the house
and half the garden. OTHERWISE be DEPRIVED of THOSE PRIVILEGES. #Item;
I give, bequeath unto my son William Skyles, HENRY SKYLES, Peter &
Harman Skyles. the sum of Twelve shillings Money afforsaid. Each,
having done sufficient for them. I also give & bequeath unto my son William
Skyles Ye sum of twelve pounds money afforsaid Item; I give unto my
daughter's Elizabeth Ruther Catharine Cowan, and Ann Dobbins, Ye sum
of twenty shillings Each, and I order that my executors herein after
named shall not be obliged to pay any of Ye said legacies until The
expiration of five years after my decease. Item; I give unto my
youngest son James and youngest daughter Margaret the sum of twelve
pounds currant money afforsaid, to be equally divided among them. and
if my son James or daughter Margaret should die before coming to full age
or have Ishue. I order that my son John Skyles shall have the portion,
or part such deceased, added to his devision it is also my will that my
son John Skyles afforsaid shall have my big waggon & horses to wit;
DUKE & JOLLY. and the horned cattle which he had already on teh premises
and in possesion and to pay the legacies of James and Margaret afforsaid
When they are of age, And I nominate and appoint my true friend Edward
Barwick and my son John Skyles to be Execuotrs of this last Will &
Testament. and I do hereby revoke all former Wills & Testament by Me
Made, & declare this only to be My last Will & Testament of said Henry
Skyles have hereunto set My Hand & Seal this 19th day of April 1750
signed sealed published & declared by the above named Henry Skyles as
for and as his last Will & Testament in the presence of us, who have
hereunto set our names as mark Witness's of Ye same in his presence &
request His

Henry Skyles

Isaac Richardson
John Moore
Thomas Henderson

page 2.

Personally appeared on the 1st day of June 1750 Isaac
Richardson and John Moore two of the Witness's to the within will and upon their
solom oath did despose & and declare that they were present & saw &
heard Henry Skyles the testor sign seal publish & declare the within
writting for & his last Will & Testament and at the doing thereof was
of sound mind memory to their best of their knowledge & belief #
Edwin Shippen D.K

He was married to Alchey (SKILES) . Children were: William SKILES, Peter SKILES, Henry SKILES Jr, Harmon SKILES, Catherine SKILES, Ann Elizabeth SKILES.

He was married to Catherine (SKILES) c1719 in Manokin, Somerset Co, MD. (23)(22) Children were: John SKILES, Elizabeth SKILES, James SKILES, Margaret SKILES.

bullet Henry SKILES Jr(22) was born about 1722 in Lancaster Co, PA. He died in 1779 in Lancaster Co, PA. (22) Parents: Henry SKILES and Alchey (SKILES).

He was married to Rosannah DOBBINS about 1740 in Lancaster Co, PA.(22) Children were: William SKILES, Henry SKILES III, John SKILES, Alexander SKILES, Jane SKILES, Mary SKILES, James SKILES.

bullet Henry SKILES III(22) (153) was born about 1745 in Lancaster Co, PA. He died in 1816 in <PA>. Parents: Henry SKILES Jr and Rosannah DOBBINS.

He was married to Mary CREIGHTNER c1770. Children were: Mary SKILES, Henry SKILES.

bullet Henry SKILES(310) (311) was born in 1751 in Lancaster Co, PA. He died in 1815 in <Lancaster Co, PA>. Loyalist in the Rev. War; records of this are found in the 4th series of the Penna. Archives.
From the Clemson Genealogywe find that this Henry Skiles was a Tory who fled to Canada during the Revolutionary War. His property was confiscated as shown by the several records in the Pennsylvania Archives. It was purchased by Matthew Henderson who gave Jane Skiles a tract of 11 acres of rocky land, with a stream on which grandfather Ellmaker built her a log cabin. Her father James Clemson having been on the side of the Colonies in the Revolutionary War, even serving as a memeber of the Provincial Convention in Philadelphia in 1775, he refused to help her in any way because she went to Canada to see her husband during his exile there. After the war Henry Skiles returned to Lancaster Co. and became a stiller for Mr. Ellmaker. From James Clemson's will in 1792 we find that Henry and Jame had five children then living. One son, Henry Skiles, refused to mark his fathers grave. Parents: John SKILES and Mary HENDERSON.

He was married to Jane CLEMSON c1770 in <PA>. Children were: Margaret SKILES , Rachel SKILES, Henry SKILES , James SKILES, John SKILES .

bullet Henry SKILES was born after 1745. He died before 1845. Parents: Harmon SKILES and Margaret (SKILES).

bullet Henry SKILES was born in 1778 in Lancaster Co, PA. He died on 7 Jan 1866 in Lancaster Co, PA. Parents: Alexander SKILES and Elizabeth WATSON.

He was married to Rebecca LYTLE . Children were: Jane Clemson SKILES, Margaret SKILES, Andrew Lytle SKILES, James Clemson SKILES, Harriet Lytle SKILES, Henry Bresbane SKILES, Amos Clemson SKILES, James Clemson SKILES.

bullet Henry SKILES(29) Parents: William SKILES and Elizabeth MILLER.

bullet Henry SKILES(153) was born on 15 Nov 1773. He died on 17 Feb 1857. 1791 Served in the Kanawha Rangers with borthers William and Jacob 1809 Bought 300 acres in Warren Co, KY (Deed Book D4, 1808-09) 1810
Bought 50 acres Parents: Henry SKILES III and Mary CREIGHTNER.

Children were: Thomas Andrew SKILES .

bulletHenry SKILES was born about 1780 in Lancaster Co, PA. Parents: Henry SKILES and Jane CLEMSON.

bullet Henry SKILES Parents: James Allen SKILES and Rosa STAMBAUGH.

bullet Henry Bresbane SKILES was born on 23 Oct 1817 in Lancaster Co, PA. He died before 1917. Parents: Henry SKILES and Rebecca LYTLE.

He was married to Margaret (SKILES) .(312)

bullet Herman SKILES(22) was born in 1761 in Lancaster Co, PA. He died c1804 in Lancaster Co, PA. Parents: John SKILES and Mary HENDERSON.

He was married to Elizabeth CLEMSON c1785. Children were: Margaret SKILES, Mary SKILES, John SKILES.

bullet Herman SKILES(313) was born in 1784. He died before 1884. Living in Westmoreland Co, PA 1813-1830. Parents: Harman SKILES and Elizabeth MCGUIRE.

bullet Hezikiah M SKILES(314) was born on 8 Oct 1819 in TN. He died in Jul 1890 in Bellevue, ID. Parents: John Jackson (Jack) SKILES and Mary (Polly) JENNINGS .

He was married to Ruth JENNINGS on 1 Mar 1842 in Greene Co, TN.(315) Discrepency in Greene Co Marriage records, has a Hezekiah B (not M) Skiles marrying Ruthey Jenningson 1 Mar 1842. This may be a different Hezekiah Skiles.

He was married to Charity EDLEMAN on 21 Oct 1847 in Greene Co, TN. "Hezehiah M Skyles was born Oct 8, 1819 in Tenn. and died in July of 1890 in Missouri. He arried 1st, Ruth
Jennings and 2nd-Charity Edelman. He was a minister in Tenn. and Mo. Below are all the census record of
this household from 1850 to 1880.

1850 Census of Green Co, Tenn.
Oct 11, 1850 967-967
Hezekiah M. Skiles 31 m Tenn.
Charity 32 f Tenn.
Matilda 8 f Tenn.
John 6 m Tenn.
William M. 2 m Tenn.
William 20 m Tenn.
Elbert N Edlleman 17 m Tenn.

1860 Census of Gasconade Co, Missouri
Hezidiha Skyles 40 m Tenn.,
Charity 40 f Tenn.
Matilda 17 f Tenn.
John 15 m Tenn.,
William M 11 m Tenn.
Ruth 10 f Tenn.
George 8 m Tenn.
Leonard 5 m Tenn.

1870 Census of Phelps Co., Mo.
Hezekiah Skyles 50 m Tenn.
Charity 52 f Tenn.
Wm M 21 m Tenn
Ruth 20 f Tenn.
Geo. A 18 m Tenn.
Leonard H 15 m Mo.
Jane Holdboldt 10 f Mo.

1880 Census of Phelps Co, Mo.
Hezekiah Skyles 60 m Tenn.
Leonard 25 m Mo.
Sarah 21 f Mo.
Cordelia 2 f Mo.

He was married to Elizabeth JONES on 9 Jul 1881 in Phelps Co, MO.

bullet Hindman Rhodes SKILES(5) was born on 26 Apr 1876 in IL. He died on 31 May 1941. He was buried in Jun 1941 in Moline Cemetery, Franklin Co, NE. Parents: LEWIS B. SKILES and SARAH ANN GARRETT.

He was married to Stella SPURGIN on 22 Sep 1897 in Franklin Co, NE. Children were: Howard SKILES, Effie A SKILES, Bernice SKILES, Frances SKILES, Leona SKILES.

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