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Jarvis and Related Families of Wilkes Co., North Carolina

The pupose of this site is to provide a repository for information about families who lived in the Hunting Creek area of Wilkes County during the 1700's and 1800's. The central focus is on the Jarvis family, however information on related families such as Johnson, Chambers, McBride, Ball, and many others can also be found here. Every name in this database is connected to the others in some manner.

Enjoy your visit, and happy hunting! If you find you have information on people listed here that is not shown, please e-mail it to the author so that you can share it with others.


(1) Who was Lucy Jarvis that inherited James Jarvis Sr's household goods? Wilkes Co. records deed books include the following entry "Know all men by these presents that I James Jarvis Senr now in perfect mind and memory do give and bequeath unto my daughter Lucy Jarvis one cow and one sow and one ___ and two beds and furniture which property I give and bequeath with all its increase to the said Lucy Jarvis to dispose of at her own will given under my hand and seal this 29th of July A.D.1843." The only Lucy who appears in other records was living in James' son John's household in the 1850 census. She was seventeen. James' wife Elizabeth Johnson would have been 68 when she was born. Was there another Lucy, and where did she go?

(2) Was the Elizabeth Jarvis in the 1850 Mortality census really Elizabeth Johnson, James Jarvis'wife? The Elizabeth "Jarvice" in the mortality census was 77 years old (rather than 85 per previous census records) and was listed as a widow, although James Jarvis Sr. did not die until May of the following year. If she were not Elizabeth Johnson, wife of James Sr., then who was she and what happened to the real Elizabeth Johnson?

(3)Who was Sarah Jarvis in the 1860 census? She did not appear in the 1850 census. In 1860 she was 47 years old, with a household consisting of Lydia (29), Elizabeth (25), Jesse (22), Joshua (20), Joseph (18), Rhoda (12), James (9), Joel (9), Mary (8), and Omey Souther (70) and Martha Smeller (20). In the database she was paired with Levi Jarvis, due to a process of elimination, however she may have been the wife of another unknown Jarvis or possibly she had the children out of wedlock. Interestingly, the Martha Smeller in her household was, according to a descendent, possibly Cherokee and bore children while being listed as single. Did Sarah live with a Cherokee man and simply keep her maiden name?

(4) Who fathered Tina Jarvis' children? Tina (1843-1905) was a daughter of John Nelson Jarvis and bore at least six children out of wedlock, including two sets of twins. She never married, and all six children were given Tina's maiden name of Jarvis.

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