12. Henry Raker BEACHELL (20)(21) (68) (69)(70) (71)(72) (73)(74) (75)(76) (77)(78) (79)(80) (81)(82) (83)(2) Photo was born on 30 Apr 1846 in Little Mahanoy, Northumberland, PA. He died on 9 Mar 1932 in Waverly, Lancaster, NE. He was buried on 11 Mar 1932 in Waverly, Lancaster, NE.(25)(18) DEATH TAKES H. R. BEACHELL (Newspaper Clipping)

Yes our grand old man is gone. No more will we see him walk along our streets with that quick stride and hearty "Hello." no more will the school children hear of the war of the Rebellion and early pioneer days in Pennsylvania and Missouri from his lips. As Rev. Staley said, "Mr. Beachell was a friend of the kids and one of them, teaching them loyalty to our country and It's flag." The editor has known him since 1901, when he came from Cabool, Mo. H. R. Was a man who tried to be friends with everyone, critized but little and furthermore did not believe every story that floated around; was a great man to investigate before he affirmed anything. Mr. Beachell was a firm friend of the widows and orphans of soldiers of all wars, and knew the pension laws well; was active in the affairs of the community in which he lived. Every year or two it was his custom to take some of his relatives back to Pennsylvania and have them meet his friends, relatives, and comrades of the 15th Pennsylvania Calvary. He remarked to Ira Snyder last summer, "I want you and Lizzie to go to Pennsylvania this summer," and go they did. H. R. Told them they had better go then, as he knew his health was rapidly failing. Well I remember how proud he was when he came back from Colorado Springs from the reunion of Col. Palmer's regiment, and brought back a gold brick given him by his beloved commander. H. R. Missed but few G. A. R. Reunions; was a member of Mitchell Post here, and of which only one member now survives, B. F. Showalter of University Place and active in G. A. R. Affairs everywhere, having held several high offices in that order. Now he has joined the Grand Army of the hallowed dead. The funeral taps are sounded on earth. The old Grand Army quartet and delegation from Lincoln helped in the services and the Spanish American war veterans were pallbearers. The church quartet sang "Tenting on the Old Camp Ground." Rev. Staley paid tribute to the band of old and feeble veterans present, (there were eight all told) for their work in preserving the Union. At the grave, after prayers, the school children each dropped a flower on the open casket as a token of their love and esteem for their departed friend. Taps were sounded at the church. Do you remember how Comrade Beachell used to put those tiny flags on the soldiers' graves every Decoration Day? May the school children do this, and drop flowers on his grave every Decoration day and say, "Here lies the body of a good citizen and brave soldier of the Republic." ADDRESS: Lived at 1 1/2 miles north of Waverly at time of death..

BIRTH: Gives birth place as Dornsife, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. Given as Union Town Pa. on death certificate.

NAME: Henry BEACHELL "Harry" or Henry Raker BEACHELL. Military records and application for pension increase gives name as Harry Beachell and L. Harry Beachell.

OCCUPATION: Shoemaker, Riverman, Farmer & Butcher.

MILITARY RECORD: Company E and Company A , 15th Pennsylvania Calvary Union Army - Civil War. Enlisted 23 May 1864 at Philadelphia, discharged 18 July 1865 at Nashville Tenn.


BURIAL: At Waverly, Nebraska Cemetery.

Henry Beachel's Birth and Baptism Certificate.
"To parents Robert BEACHEL and his wife Lavina, daughter of Frederick RAKER, is born a son the 30th day of April 1846 in Little Mahanoy Township, Northumberland County, State of Pennsylvania, and is baptized the 18th day of May 1846 by the Rev. HEWMAN and received the name Henry. Sponsors were the parents of the child themselves."
Henry added the name RAKER later in life and was known as Henry Raker BEACHELL as well as Harry and H. R. BEACHELL;
"I have copies of the above birth and baptism certificate as well and his confirmation certificate which is in German.(Donna (BEACHELL) PERRY)

I have copies of his Military as well as his Pension Records, also a Furlough Pass and a paper of his Discharge. (Donna (BEACHELL) PERRY)

Marriage Record as follows: Henry Beachell, was married 21 Oct 1866 to Louisa KAUFFMAN by Rev. John C. SCHMIDT at Washington Twp, Northumberland, Pennsylvania. I have a copy of this marriage record. (Donna (BEACHELL) PERRY)

Letter dated 13 March 1954 from Aunt Alice (DEGLER) BEACHELL to Larry and Helen BEACHELL states the marriage certificate was in an old Dutch bible we have; On the next page is the following:
Henry R. Beachell son of Robert and Lavina BEACHELL, born April 30, 1846.
Louisa KAUFFMAN, daughter of Daniel and Lusetta KAUFFMAN, born May 4th 1843.
Also the following clipping was found in the family Bible.
BEACHELL - Washington township, Northumberland Co., April 10, 1871, Anna Christiana, daughter of Henry and Louisa BEACHELL, age 01 year 6 months and 23 days.

Lower Mahanoy Township, Northumberland, Penna, Census taken 02 September 1870, P.O. Dalmaita.
BEACHILL, Henry, 24m, Shoemaker, 150., Penna; Louisa, 22f, Keeping house, Penna; Annie, 9/12f, Infant, born Aug, Penna

Washington Twp., Northumberland, Penna, Census taken 8 & 9 June 1880. 075-088
BEACHELL, H.R., 35m, Farmer, Penna, Penna, Penna; Louisa, 37f, wife, Keeping house, Penna, Penna, Penna; James A., 08 m, son, Penna, Penna, Penna; Eva L., 06f, dau., Penna, Penna, Penna; William A., 04 m, son, Penna, Penna, Penna; Jane E., 02f, dau, Penna, Penna, Penna; KAUFMAN, Charles R., 18m, Brother-in-law, Penna, Penna, Penna; Lucetta, 61f, Mother-in-law, widow, Keeping house, Penna, Penna, Penna.

Deeds of Northumberland County, Penna, on Microfilm.
Deed 85, page 453, date 14 Feb 1883, Henry R. BEACHELL and wife Louisa of Washington Twp., North'd Co., Pa sold to Charles R. KAUFMAN of the same place, for $1,336.00 / 119 acres of land in Washington Twp.

Deed 146, page 546, written 27 Oct 1894, Harriet DORNSIFE of Little Mahanoy Twp., North'd Co., Pa; Catherine FREDERICK of Ralpho twp., North'd Co., Pa, children of Elizabeth RAKER, late of Little Mahanoy Twp., North'd Co., dec'd. Also, Henry BEACHELL of Kansas City, Missouri, Elizabeth KERSETTER of Rockafellow Twp., North'd Co., Pa., the wife of Felix KERSETTER, Jane (Lovina Jane) the wife of Reiley B. WEAVER of Snyder Co., Pa, children of Louisa (Lovina) RAKER dec'd who married Robert W. BEACHELL. Louisa (Lovina) RAKER, being a daughter of Elizabeth RAKER.

Evangelical Lutheran and High German Reformed Congregation in the Himmel's Church in Upper Mahanoy Twp., North'd Co., Pa. 1846, Book #2 (orig. in English Vol II). WPA project #665-23-3-21-18658, Heber G. GEARHART, Project Head.
Parents Child Dates Sponsors
Henry BEACHELL Daniel born 03 May 1867 Dan. & Lucy Ann
& Louisa bapt 09 Jun 1867 KAUFFMAN
Henry BEACHELL James Adam born 30 Dec 1871 Parents
& Louisa bapt 14 Jan 1872
Henry BEACHELL Lucetta Eve born 03 Feb 1874 Parents
& Louisa bapt 02 May 1874
Henry BEACHELL William Albert born 07 Feb 1876 Parents
& Louise bapt 29 Apr 1876
Henry BEACHELL Jane Elizabeth born 02 May 1878 Parents
& Louise bapt 23 Jun 1878
NOTE: I don't know why their dau. Anna Christian born 07 Aug 1868, d. 10 Apr 1871 is not listed here. Alice Leona (DEGLER) BEACHELL, once mentioned to me that she had the bapt certificate for my grandfather Robert West BEACHELL & his twin Felix Edwin BEACHELL born 03 May 1881 at Greenbrier and Baptized at Himmel's 18 May 1881; so I don't know why they are not listed either unless they didn't cover that year.
The following marriages were performed by John C. SCHMIDT, and by him transcribed into this Church Record from his own private records.
(A) Elias SNYDER & Cath. KAUFFMAN, 07 Oct 1866.
Cath. KAUFFMAN was a first cousin to Louisa Christina (KAUFFMAN) BEACHELL. This couple left Penna and moved to the Waverly, Nebraska area and she was called Aunt Cass Snyder by Henry & Louisa's children; they were in Nebraska before Uncle Jim & Uncle Will first went up there to work and they and grandpa Robt (they were all there by 1900). Henry, Louisa, Aunt Lizzie & Uncle Ed stayed in Missouri at Cabool in Texas Co., until 1901 when they are said to have migrated to Waverly, Lancaster, Nebraska.
(B) Henry BEACHELL & Louisa KAUFFMAN, 21 Oct 1866.
(C) Jeremiah SNYDER & Mary Elizabeth HETRICH, 31 Dec 1871. Note: These are the parents of Uncle Ira SNYDER, who married Aunt Lizzie (Jane Elizabeth) BEACHELL. This family of SNYDERS also moved from Penna to Waverly, Lancaster, Nebraska before Uncle Ira was born as he was born in Waverly. I am not sure what their relationship was to Elias Snyder, but I believe there was a connection. We are related to both families as well as the fact that Louisa's maternal grandmother Anna Maria (HEPLER CHRIST, widow of Emanuel CHRIST, remarried after his death to Fred SNYDER also of the same area of Upper Mahanoy Twp., North'd, Penna area.

BEACHELL, Henry R. Funeral services for Mr. Beachell will be held at 2 o'clock Friday afternoon at the Methodist Church in Waverly with Rev. E.C. Staley and Farragut post of the G.A.R. in charge. Burial will be at the Waverly cemetery. The body is at Castle, Roper & Matthews'.

Henry, joined the Union Army in Philadelphia 23 May 1864, under the name Harry Raker BEACHEL. He said he had an uncle living in Philadelphia with whom he was in contact at that time and he said his uncle tried to persuade him not to join the service and to return home.

They moved from Northumberland County, Pennsylvania to Virgil, Cedar County, Missouri in June 1882, when the twins were about 13 months of age. By about 1890 they had moved from Cedar County to Kansas City, Missouri where Henry BEACHELL, had a Butcher Shop. I have a picture of the Butcher Shop with Henry and an employee and 9 year old Robert W. BEACHELL (a bare foot boy) standing in front. During some of this time if not all of it they lived on Holmes Street as Katheryn BEACHELL BROWN, has a picture of young Henry with this address on the back. One other piece of evidence is the 1890 Civil War Census for Missouri listed Henry BEACHELL as living in Kansas City, Missouri. Sometime after that time they moved to Cabool, Texas, Missouri and Henry may have again had a Butcher Shop there. By about 1901 the entire family had moved to Waverly, Lancaster, Nebraska. Again they were involved in a Butcher Shop.


The last member of the Mitchell post of the Grand Army of the Republic at Waverly--Henry R. Beachel, 85 is dead.

The Civil war veteran, who fought with the fifteenth Pennsylvania calvary, held the distinction of being the only living member of the G.A.R. post at Waverly for the past year and a half. He died at 4:50 o'clock Wednesday morning at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Ira Snyder, one and one-half miles north of Waverly.

Moving to Waverly in 1901 from Cabool, Mo., where he lived for 35 years after the Civil war, Mr. Beachel worked as a butcher and meat cutter until a few years ago when he retired.

Besides his daughter, Mr. Beachel is survived by four sons, James A., of Portland, Ore., William A., of Grant, Edwin F., of Palisade, and Robert W. of Filer, Ida. The body is at Castle, Roper & Matthews'. No funeral arrangements have been made.

NOTE: This obituary was from either one of the Waverly or Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska Papers, he died -- March 1932.

These obituaries and funeral notices were kept by Dorothy Ketcham (BALIS) BEACHELL and given to me, Donna (BEACHELL) PERRY (her grand daughter).


With the passing of Mr. Henry R. BEACHELL early Wednesday morning, our school and community mourns not only loss of its last Civil War Veteran but also one who has meant much to all those who have come in contact with him.
The funeral was conducted from the Methodist Church with a number of old soldiers from Lincoln and vicinity in charge.
At the grave over three hundred of the student body and faculty passed in review before the open casket and paid their last respects by each placing a flower at the foot of the grave in his honor. They also contributed a spray of red and white carnations with a blue chiffon bow to the bereaved family as a token of their love and sympathy.
At least once each year Mr. BEACHELL visited our school and gave the student body an address. When his health would permit he often dropped into the grade rooms and watched the work in progress.
To the majority of the school this grand old figure with his tapping cane will be the last personal contact that they will have with the Civil War. Mr. BEACHELL visited the school in celebration of his eighty-fifth birthday on April 30th of last year in company of his nephew Claire SNYDER, (should be grandson), when he gave an interesting summary of his life from an armchair on the stage to the student body.
Last October Mr. BEACHELL presented the High School with the plaque given him during his attendance at the Annual Encampment held at Des Moines in September. The relief, depicting several old soldiers marching, with the one in the lead bearing the stars and stripes, hangs upon our assembly wall.

Taken from the WAVERLY HI-SPOT, March 15, 1932

Taken from the Omaha Bee-News, March 14, 1932, Editorial Page

Last Veteran Has Marched Home

A little building, standing at the side of the railroad track, was noticed by thousands of passengers.
It bore the simple sign: "Grand Army Hall."
The building may stand forever, still bearing the sign. But it will never again house a meeting of the Post of the Grand Army of the Republic for whose use it was erected.
Henry BEACHELL, last surviving member of the Mitchell post, G.A.R., of Waverly, Nebraska, has marched home. For a year and a half he had been the only surviving member of the post that once had flourished to the degree that justified its building a home.
He was only a boy when he mounted his horse, with sabre and carbine, spurs and six-shooter, and rode away with the Fifteenth Pennsylvania Cavalry. But he was one of thousands of just such boys, who joyously set out on the great adventure. He lived to be eight-five, and saw two generations of men come and go between the day when the war closed at Appomattox and the call that he answered after all his comrades had marched on.
Not many days will pass until all the gallant company of boys who fought under GRANT and SHERMAN will be joined with the other boys who fought under Lee and Jackson "on Fame's eternal camping ground."
It is not a sad thought. They did their work well. After the clash of arms was over, they had their full share in binding up the nation's wounds, in building better and finer for the days that were theirs and for the days that are to come. "Taps will not sound a mournful note for them, nor will there be any "sadness of farewell."

OBITUARY, no name of paper or date is given

Henry Raker BEACHELL, was born in Union Town, Pennsylvania, April 30, 1846, and passed to his reward March 9, 1932 at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Ira SNYDER, age 85 years, 10 months and 09 days.
He enlisted in the Union Army in 1861 with the Fifteenth, Pennsylvania Cavalry where he served his country until 1865 when he received an honorable discharge.
He was united in marriage to Louisa KAUFFMAN, October 21, 1866. Hearing the call of the Great West they moved to Missouri in 1883, where they lived until 1901 when they came to Waverly. There were nine children born in the family, those surviving are: Mrs. I.C. SNYDER, Waverly, Nebr., James A., of Portland, Oregon; F.E., Palisade, Nebraska; W.A., of Grant, Nebr.; and R.W., of Filer, Idaho. Besides his children he leaves to mourn his departure twenty-three grandchildren ten great grandchildren. His wife preceded him in death in March 1913.
For a number of years he was Commander of the Mitchell Post No. 38 of the Waverly G.A.R. At one time there were 97 members of Waverly Post, of which there is now but one survivor. In 1919 he was on the staff of National Commander KETCHUM at the National Encampment at Indianapolis, and in 1925, he was made a member of the National Commander ARISON, at Grand Rapids, Michigan. In faith and fidelity he labored with his comrades, counting his country's flag the dearest emblem of life.
He was confirmed in the Lutheran church in Pennsylvania when quite young. Through his affectionate love for his family and his country, Comrade BEACHELL leaves behind him a priceless heritage.

These last several obituary notices were given to me (Donna (BEACHELL) Perry) by Katheryn (BEACHELL) BROWN.

Letter of Hattie Angeline (KETCHAM) Balis, dated -- --- 1932, to her daughter and son-in-law, Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. BEACHELL, of Filer, Idaho.

Waverly, Nebr
March 11th, 1932

Dear Dora & Rob,

Thought I would try and write a few lines, we went to Father BEACHELL,S funeral this afternoon, it was a large one, and so many beautiful flowers, wish you could have been there. I could not help but think of it during the services how I wished you could have been there, and seen how nice he was layed away the Farragut post of the G.A.R. took part in the services, then up to the cemetery the school children some from all the grades with their teachers marched by the casket and put a carnation on it, then the school got flowers. Will BEACHELL and his daughter Nellie came. Orvill BEVANS brought them in his car. Ed was there. I would like to have seen both of them, but it was so cold did not get out of the car. Mrs. AUCHMUTY, Mrs. BEVANS and Mable went with us. Ed is quite gray but heavier than he used to be. Minnie and her two boys and Bernice was there all looked very nice. Jane came, I will cut out what was in the paper. He looked real natural, last Thursday your father and I took Grandma Munn out to see him, he was glad we came when I talked to him he said he would write to you folks if he could, but could not write anymore. he told me he was going up to the school house on his birthday if it was the last thing he ever did, but if he had lived he could not have gone, for he did not have much use of his limbs, he said he did not suffer only one hip bothered him some felt as though the bone slipped by, his voice seemed strong. Lizzie said he got so discouraged that he could not get up, thought his medicine was not doing his any good, expect Lizzie or some one will write and tell you more than I have but thought you would like to hear. your letter Dora came this morning, we were looking for it. glad you got the ditch ride again Rob. anyone that gets a job is lucky. Henry is still out of work, hope he gets some soon. we like those apricots just fine, and Fan brought us a little of the dried corn. got a letter from her last week said they took 29 doz. eggs to town and only got 5 cts per doz. they are only 7cts here. hope they are more there. we, have been getting some real winter weather here this week. still have some snow. it has been about as cold as it has been all winter. I took a little cold and had sore throat then it settled in my eyes, but they are about all right again. Dad has some cold, he is out in the cold so much, thought we would hear from Mary all the week, but not a word. next tuesday Dorothy will be eighteen years old. I just cant realize it. how swiftly time goes. I have my quilt blocks all pieced now for my log cabin and had a few good pieces left so thought if I ever get at it I will piece up a block for you to put in your quilt. they are having a music contest up to the school house to night and all day tomorrow. Esther GROVES oldest girl and an other girl from down there are going to stay all night here. Mabel did not wash only what she had to it was so bad, they are all usually well. Bill doesn't feel so very good. he likes to go over to Henrys to eat quite often. I think he just dont know what to do with himself. Henry sure has had to cut wood to keep them and Bill going. Mabel said he used more then they did. it makes it hard all around. Pearl JEWETTS live here in town in Hetty APPERHIM house. I have not seen Emma. I guess I better close for it is about bed time. no I have not see Ed and Anna sinc you was here. have never been after the walnuts. I dont know what they are going to do. write when you can. hope this finds you all well.
with love Mother

ADDRESSED to Mr. & Mrs. R W BEACHELL, Filer, Idaho (return address Box 137, Waverly, Nebr. and postmarked 12 Mar 1932 Waverly with a 2ct stamp).


Written by Katheryn Beachell in the Mid 30's (before 1937) about her grandfather Henry Raker Beachell. She is now Mrs. Albert Brown of Grant, Nebraska, date 03 Dec 1987.

My grandfather, Henry Beachell, was born on the thirtieth of April, 1846 in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. His father was a miller as was his grandfather. His father died when he was just four years old. The grandmother Raker took the two girls and Henry went with his father's parents.

In 1854 they moved to White Springs Mill where he went to school, one of the first free schools in the state. The free school lasted for three months. Wild deer went past their school house.

In 1862 he left home and went to Washington County where he drove a team for the government in the Civil War. He was sent to Virginia where his team was captured. Grandfather escaped with his saddle mule. His hair was white since I could remember, and he always said that after that time his hair started to grey and he could never make it lie down.

When he went for another team, he was told that he couldn't be a teamster and carry arms so he said good bye and drew his pay. They wouldn't accept him as a soldier as it was required that a parent or guardian sign his papers.

He went to Philadelphia where he saw a friend of his mother's. This friend asked him if he had seen his uncle. Grandfather hadn't so he insisted that he go see him. His uncle was very surprised to see him and wrote his guardian to tell him where he was. Grandfather received instructions to come back so he did.

By this time he was seventeen years old and very anxious to be in the war. He went to Philadelphia and passed for Eighteen. He was sent to Camp Cadwallader.

He took part in several battles, among them the battle of Atlanta. He was given a furlough for thirty days to go home and vote. When he reached home, his people thought he had been killed in battle.

When his time was up, he returned to the front. In a battle at Nashville he was wounded in the left leg but stayed in the regiment. In March, 1865 he was sent into North and South Carolina and West Virginia to tear up the railroad.

On the ninth of April his army captured Bogg and his wife, Mrs. Bogg was Jefferson Davis's sister. When they received news of Jeff Davis's capture, they were sent to Nashville to be discharged in July, 1865, he went home to begin a new life.

The girls looked at the soldier boys, and thought they were pretty "swell". One Sunday his girlfriend took him to visit his future wife's parents. He got acquainted and fell in love with Louisa C. Kauffman. They were married on October 21, 1866.

In 1869 grandfather started to work on the railroad. On one trip when he was making a coupling for a flat car, he was lying down and was thrown off the bridge between the rails. Nearly all the cars passed over him. His hat was scraped off by the brakes, but other wise he was uninjured.

Grandfather did a good deal of Sunday School work. They had Sunday School in the schoolhouse and got an organ to use. The directors were unwilling to have it in the building and they moved it out into the yard. The dispute was eventually settled peacefully.

Grandfather and his family left for Missouri in 1883 and lived in Cedar County for some time.

From Missouri they went to Waverly, Nebraska where Grandpa started a Butcher Shop. Grandmother had a partial stroke, and after that he cared for her until her death in March of the year that Wilson was Inaugurated President. Five of their eight children are now living.

After the death of his wife he spent much of his time in seeing that war veterans and their widows received their pensions. Grandfather loved children and was always happy when he was with them. He liked to talk to them and make them happy.

When the National Encampment of the G.A.R. was held in Portland, Maine he attended. He enjoyed seeing all the sights and visited Niagara Falls and Washington D.C. He visited with old friends and relatives when he went through Pennsylvania.

His absence was felt by young and old when he left this earth in March 1932. Pneumonia was the cause of death.

In the autobiography that he wrote in later years we find these words--

"I live snug in this world of ours, but I live not alone my life is not a lonesome one. I come and go with perfect ease. No prison walls as are the birds. I fear not age or time. My heart is young as is my step. My love I freely give. The children's voices at their play is love to me, for what is life if not love for those around you who you love".

Henry had issue with Utica Reigel who married Henry James Hovis because she thought Henry Raker Beachell had been killed in the Civil War.

Application for pension increase:
L. Harry Beachell, of Waverly, Lancaster County, Nebraska, Pension Number Certificate 938924, being duly sworn under oath, says that he was an orphan, was raised by his Grand parents, his father died in July 1850 and his mother in 1851 and in the year 1851-1860 lived with his grand parents in Northumberland County Pennsylvania, that he does not know where the family Bible is and is positive that he was born April 30, 1845.
Harry Beachell

Declaration For Pension: Description at enlistment - Height, 5 feet 9 inches; complexion blond; color of eyes, brown; color of hair, black that his occupation was Riverman.

Deeds on microfilm: deed 85, page 453_2/14/1883, Henry R. Beachell and wife Louisa of Washington Tw Northumberland Co., Pa. sold to Charles R. Kauffman of the same place, for $1336.00 119 acres of land in Washington Twp.

Mother wrote this (Donna (BEACHELL) PERRY

Henry's parents Robert Beachell & Lavina Raker, daughter of Frederick Raker
Children were Betsy, oldest

Henry's parents died when he was a small boy. Lavina was a baby. His Grandmother Raker had him for a while and his Aunt Jane Mellick (Question last name) raised him. This Aunt Jane did not get married until she was called an old maid. Then she married a man by name of ______Mellick. This Aunt Jane also had the 2 girls.
Henry had to by law, have a guardian appointed so Henry had to work for _____ Hoffman and learn his trade which was a shoe maker.
When Henry was 15 years old he went to visit his uncle in Philadelphia and during this visit the 15th Penn. Calvary Regiment was organized. Henry joined and left before his uncle or any of his folks knew about it. He gave his name as "Harry" Beachell.
Betsy married Phelix Carsteter. They had 3 children, 2 daughters and a son. The son was a smart lad but could not talk or hear. A daughter Ella married Dr. Hileman. Violet married _____ and had a son Danny.
Lavina married a Methodist preacher. He was married to Louisa Christina KAUFFMAN on 21 Oct 1866 in , Washington twp., Northumberland, PA.

13. Louisa Christina KAUFFMAN (20)(21) (2) Photo was born on 4 May 1843 in Greenbrier, Northumberland, PA. She was buried in Mar 1913 in Waverly, Lancaster, NE. She died on 5 Mar 1913 in Waverly, Lancaster, NE. CHURCH AFFILIATION: Lutheran.

DEATH: The following obituary has death as March 4, 1913. Funeral card has death as March 5, 1913.

The following obit. was taken from a local Waverly or Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska newspaper but I do not know which one. It was kept by my grandmother Dorothy Ketcham (BALIS) BEACHELL, wife of Robt. West BEACHELL who gave it to me, Donna (BEACHELL) PERRY.

Louisa C. Kauffman was born in Northumberland county, Pennsylvania, May 4th, 1843. Lack of space and time forbids going into particulars of the early life. She grew up in the church surroundings of her home and was confirmed in Himmels church at about the age of 15 years.

The next waymark was her marriage to Henry R. Beachell, October 21st, 1867 (1866) at the home place. The couple lived there until 1863 (1882), several of their children being born during that time.

Thence they moved to Missouri making their home there for 20 years. Their last move was to Waverly, Nebraska. In this community they made their home until her death.

Mrs. Beachell has been an invalid for many years, having suffered a stroke of paralysis February 22nd, 1904.

She retained the use of her mind until two years ago, employing herself much of the time reading in which she took much comfort and enjoyment.

During the last two years her condition has required constant and exacting care which have been given unstintedly by the faithful husband and daughter at whose home Mr. and Mrs. Beachell have been residing.

She was a member of the Lutheran church here uniting with it shortly after coming to the place. Her death took place at 8 p.m. March 4th, 1913, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Ira Snyder.

Nine children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Beachell, five of whom are living, namely James, William, Edward and Robert and Mrs. Lizzie Snyder.

The funeral services were held at the Lutheran church in charge of Reverend Dungan and the ladies of Mitchell W.R.C. of which Mrs. Beachell was a member.

Children were:

child i. Daniel BEACHELL(20) (21)(2) was born on 3 May 1867 in Greenbrier, Northumberland, PA. He died after 3 May 1867 in Greenbrier, Northumberland, PA.(84)(85) DEATH: Died in infancy of croup.

child ii. Anna Christina BEACHELL(20) (21)(2) was born on 7 Aug 1868 in Greenbrier, Northumberland, PA. She died on 10 Apr 1871 in Greenbrier, Northumberland, PA.
child iii. James Adam BEACHELL(21) (20)(86) (2) was born on 30 Dec 1871 in Greenbrier, Northumberland, PA. He died on 21 Feb 1961 in Yachats, , OR. He was buried in Portland, , OR. NAME: James "Jim".

BURIAL: At Riverview Abbey Mausoleum, Portland, Oregon.

Jim was born December 30, 1871 at Greenbriar, Pennsylvania. He married Eliza Frances Dimick on February 26, 1896 at Ogden, Indiana.
Eliza was born July 3, 1875 in Ogden Indiana; the daughter of Oliver Dimick and Martha Jane Stanley Dimick.
Jim and Eliza spent a number of years in Waverly, Nebraska and their children were all born there. Later they lived in the nearby towns of Greenwood and University Place.
They moved to Portland, Oregon in 1926. Jim was a carpenter most of his life. During World War II he worked in the shipyards as a sheet metal worker.
In 1944 they moved to Yachats, Oregon. Here Jim sharpened saws and kept a beautiful yard with lovely flowers and a garden. He always had a dog and did lots of fishing. He enjoyed wearing a bright red hat.
His hobby in the later years was making miniature wheel barrows of unusual woods. He said he had wheel barrows in every state in the Union and 2 in Europe.
Yachats is a resort town and people who spent their vacations there always looked Jim up. He spent many happy years in Yachats.
Eliza belonged to clubs and did the usual things one does in a small town. There was usually a lot of activity in Yachats and she was always busy.
Jim lived in Yachats until his death in Feb. 21 1961.
Eliza moved to Portland in 1962.

The family of James Adam BEACHELL, moved from Waverly, Nebr to Portland, Oregon in 1925, per a letter from Jane Louise BEACHELL.

The following is from another letter from Jane.
"After talking to you - Mother told me the following - Aunt Lucy came to Nebraska before she and dad were married. Her folks wanted to know about Mother's family. I assume she came to Aunt Cass's as most of them did, when they first came and she with Mother for a short time. Then probably did stay at Lydia's (Lydia (HILEMAN) LOOF) but this was before 1896. She didn't remember about that. Aunt Lucy wrote back that dad was doing fine. She found my grandmother mending dad's clothes. My grandfather & grandmother DIMICK were the most wonderful grandparents a kid ever had. After dad & mother were married Uncle Bill came to Nebraska and lived with them and did some farming on his own. Then dad sent for Uncle Rob and he lived with them a short time until he found a place to work. Then mother wasn't well and she went to Missouri for 6 weeks to recuperate. She brought Aunt Lizzie & Uncle Ed back with her and they lived with them until they found work. But I am sure she didn't remember anything about a divorce (Aunt Lucy was thought may have divorced her husband), She had forgotten about Aunt Lucy being here until reminded of it. She doesn't remember about her being in Minneapolis either and we have the pictures taken in Nebraska. As I told you dad remembered his younger days. Too bad you didn't meet him.
child iv. Eva Lucetta BEACHELL(20) (21)(2) was born on 3 Feb 1874 in Greenbrier, Northumberland, PA. She died about 1896 in Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN. She was buried in Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN. NAME: Nickname Lucy. Lucetta Eve or Eva Lucetta BEACHELL.

She wrote a letter on Aug 2 1896 and is believed to have died shortly thereafter. Husband's name unknown last name thought to be BOWDICH.
child6 v. William Albert BEACHELL.
child vi. Elizabeth Pearl BEACHELL(20) (21)(87) (88)(80) (89)(2) Photo was born on 2 May 1878 in Greenbrier, Northumberland, PA. She died on 12 Feb 1947 in Lincoln, Lancaster, NE. She was buried on 15 Feb 1947 in Waverly, Lancaster, NE. NAME: Nickname - Lizzie. Death Certificate has Elizabeth Pearl Snyder. Katheryn BROWN had Jane Elizabeth.

BURIAL: Waverly Cemetery.

Newspaper Clipping from Dorothy Ketcham (BALIS) BEACHELL. Dated Feb 1947. Probably from a Lincoln, Lancaster, Nebraska paper.


Mrs. Elizabeth Peal SNYDER, 68, of Waverly, died Wednesday in a Lincoln hospital.
Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday at the Waverly Methodist Church, with Rev. Ray MAGNUSON officiating. Burial will be at the Waverly cemetery.
She was born at Greenbriar, Penn. and came to Waverly from Cabool, Mo. in 1900. Two years later, she married Ira Snyder at Waverly. Mr. SNYDER is a prominent farmer in that vicinity.
Mrs. SNYDER was a member of the Methodist church at Waverly, and belonged to the Royal Neighbors and the Waverly Grange.
Surviving are her husband; three sons Glenn, Clair, and Vernon, all of Waverly; two brothers, James A. BEACHELL, Portland, Ore., and William A. BEACHELL, Grant, Neb.; and seven grandchildren.

SNYDER, Mrs. Elizabeth Pearl--Mrs. Elizabeth Pearl SNYDER, 68, of Waverly, Neb., died Wednesday night at a Lincoln hospital. Surviving are her husband, Ira; three sons, Glenn, Clair, and Vernon, all of Waverly; two brothers, James A. BEACHELL of Portland, Ore., and William A. BEACHELL of Grant, Neb.; seven grandchildren. Services will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday at the Waverly Methodist church, with Rev. Ray MAGNUSON officiating. Burial at Waverly, Roper & Sons.

Newspaper Clipping probably from the Waverly, Lancaster, Nebraska Newspaper, dated -- Feb 1947.


Mrs. Elizabeth Pearl SNYDER, 68, a resident of Waverly, Neb., since 1900, died Wednesday in a Lincoln hospital. A native of Greenbriar, Pa., she came to Nebraska from Cabool, Mo.
She was married in 1902 to Ira SNYDER. Mrs. SNYDER was a member of the Waverly Methodist church, the Royal Neighbors and the Waverly Grange.
Surviving are her husband; three sons, Glenn, Clair, and Vernon, all of Waverly; two brothers, James A. BEACHELL, Portland, Ore., and William A. BEACHELL, Grant, Neb., and seven grandchildren.

SNYDER--Funeral of Mrs. Elizabeth Pearl SNYDER 2 p.m. Saturday at the Waverly Methodist church, Rev. Ray MAGNUSON officiating. Burial at Waverly, Roper & Sons. Pallbearers: Martin JOHNSON, G.A. SPIDEL, P.C. TUDOR, Emil CARLSON, John McGILL and Ray COX.

Obituary: (received from Katheryn (BEACHELL) BROWN)


Mrs. Ira SNYDER of Waverly, passed away suddenly Wednesday afternoon, Feb. 12, at the Bryan Memorial Hospital after an illness of only a few hours, Mrs. SNYDER having been in her usual health up to the preceding evening.
Funeral services were held at the local Methodist Church at 2 P.M. Saturday afternoon with Reverend Ray MAGNUSON officiating.
Jane Elizabeth BEACHELL was born at Greenbrier, Penn. May 02, 1878 and died Feb. 12, 1947 at the age of 68 years, 10 months and 10 days. She moved to Cabool, Missouri at the age of five, and came to Nebraska in 1900. She was united in marriage to Ira SNYDER April 02, 1902. To this union were born four sons, Claire, Glenn, Vernon, and Lester, the latter preceding her in death in September, 1942.
She was a member of the Methodist Church and the local grange.
She leaves to mourn her loss her husband, Ira, three sons, Claire, Glenn and Vernon, and seven grandchildren; two brothers, James A. BEACHELL of Portland Oregon, and William BEACHELL of Grant, Nebr.

From Donna PERRY:
Aunt Lizzie, died of cancer and had been ill for some time. I remember seeing her for the first time when I was six years old in March of 1937 when she came to Filer, Twin Falls, Idaho for her brothers (my grandfather's) funeral. She came from Waverly with my grandmother's sister Mrs. Mabel (BALIS) BEVANS WIEBKE. Being so young I didn't know who these ladies were and when we visited the funeral home and Aunt Lizzie broke down and cried I didn't understand why this lady was crying. I was very fond of my grandfather but I was too young and didn't know their relationship. I also remember her buying me a large bow for my hair that girls wore in those days.
My second recollection of Aunt Lizzie was in June of 1946, the summer after the end of the 2nd World War. Our family was then living in Alameda, Alameda County, California and since gas had been rationed for so long and we were now able to travel. My parents decided we would take a trip to Nebraska by auto. There were my parents and five of us children in the car. I was almost 16 years old and the eldest and my youngest brother Richard was just 06 yrs old. While we were visiting in Waverly the BEACHELL relations had a Picnic and Reunion of the group then living in the area which included the SNYDERS and the family of Harold BEACHELL. My father's mother Dorothy Ketcham (BALIS) BEACHELL called "Aunt Dora" was also living in Waverly at the time with her mother Hattie (KETCHAM) BALIS and we had a picnic one day at the BALIS home in Waverly with the BALIS relatives and the other one for the BEACHELL relations at Antelope Park in Lincoln. I recall Aunt Lizzie looked very frail at that time and it was the following Feb. that she passed away. During this trip I also remember going to Aunt Lizzie's home to visit and she let me take a penciled book of Memoirs by Henry Raker BEACHELL. I only had them over night (we were staying at the BALIS home) but I have a recollection that one if not both of Henry's parents had died as a result of accidents so far I have been unable to corroborate this information and the book of Memoirs as well as the BEACHELL Family Bible have both disappeared. It is sad but not unusual as so many things get tossed aside either by accident or some not realizing the importance of these things to others. I do not say this to place blame as no one knows who last had these articles and perhaps the information that we have is more than we would gain if those things were still in our possession.

Later in Aug 1948, I moved to Lincoln, Nebr until 01 Apr 1949 when I returned to California to live. Again I visited Lincoln and Waverly in Oct 1968 and visited with my grandmothers sisters and spent one evening for dinner and staying over night at Waverly with Verne and Dessie SNYDER, that evening Glenn, Claire and Jim and Karen SNYDER came by and I was able to visit with everyone.

Over the years everyone always spoke of Aunt Lizzie in a glowing and loving manner. Several saying she was the best Aunt anyone could ever have. She had nursed several of her sons when they were young and had Infantile Paralysis. We all loved her very much. (Donna (BEACHELL) PERRY)
child vii. Robert West BEACHELL(20) (21)(80) (90)(18) (91)(92) (93)(94) (95)(2) was born on 3 May 1881 in Greenbrier, Northumberland, PA. He was baptized on 18 May 1881. (96) He died on 12 Mar 1937 in Filer, Twin Falls, ID. He was buried on 14 Mar 1937 in Filer, Twin Falls, ID. BIRTH: A twin.

BAPTIZED: May 18 1881, in Himmel's Lutheran Church.


OCCUPATION: Ditch Rider.

MARRIAGE: Possibly 1906 or 1907.

BURIAL: Buried at I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Filer, Twin Falls, Idaho.

Obituary says they moved to Filer, Idaho in 1917.

A decree of distribution was recorded here yesterday in the recorder's office in the matter of the estate of Robert W. BEACHELL. Marion BEACHELL, son of the deceased was administrator. The estate, which consisted of two lots in Filer and valued at $1,450, was distributed to Dorothy K. BEACHELL, widow of the deceased. News clipping dated Aug 3, 45, probably from the Twin Falls Newspaper.

I personally attended both funerals for Robert West BEACHELL in 1937 and the one for Dorothy Ketcham (BALIS) BEACHELL in 1968, per Donna Jean (BEACHELL) PERRY .

Newspaper obituary - Filer - weekly/ Mar 1937.

Old Resident Buried In I.O.O.F. Cemetery.

Funeral services for Robert West BEACHELL, Filer resident for twenty years were held Monday afternoon at the Methodist Church in Filer, Rev. I.S. MOTZ officiating. A male quartet, composed of I.F. MOTZ, Kenneth HENDERSON, W.C. NUZMAN and T.D. WILSON, sang "Going down the Valley," and "Abide with Me," accompanied by Mrs. D.H. SHOWERS. A vocal solo by Mr. Henderson, "Open the Gates of the Temple," also was accompanied by Mrs. SHOWERS.

George R. JOHNSON, H.E. HAMMERQUIST. Interment was in Filer Cemetery.

Newspaper clipping undated kept by Mrs. Dora BEACHELL, (was from Twin Falls Newspaper between 1945-1968).

We had an interesting comment from Mrs. Dora BEACHELL who sent us a check
for her subscription this week.
Mrs. BEACHELL says: "I get quite a laugh out of Kermie's Komments and 'who' for sheriff, and Glen TAYLOR is a disgrace to our state." Those are interesting comments and, since Mrs. BEACHELL put them all in one sentence we assume-- or at least we'd like to assume-- that she means Kermie's Komments are a disgrace, too! - !
OUCH! Now don't fight back, Kermie, were only kidding, and we know Mrs.
BEACHELL didn't mean it that way.

Note: Kermit "Kermie" ALLISON, was the son of some old neighbors of the BEACHELL's on North Street in Filer, Idaho back in the 1920's and 1930'3.

child viii. Felix Edwin BEACHELL(20) (21)(97) (2) Photo was born on 3 May 1881 in Greenbrier, Northumberland, PA. He was baptized on 18 May 1881. (98) He died on 5 Oct 1945 in Palisade, Hitchcock, NE. He was buried on 9 Oct 1945 in Waverly, Lancaster, NE. BIRTH: A twin.

BAPTIZED: 18 May 1881, Himmel's Lutheran Church, Northumberland, Pennsylvania.

BURIAL: Waverly Cemetery.

Obituary for Edwin F. BEACHELL, Lincoln, Lancaster, Nebraska Newspaper (name not given), dated 05 Oct 1945.

INFORMATION: (3A) Edw. F. BEACHELL'S Funeral Tuesday
Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Tuesday at Waverly for Edward Felix BEACHELL, 64, of Palisade, who died Thursday. The services will be at the Waverly Methodist church, Rev. Ray MAGNUSON, officiating, and burial will be at Waverly. He was a member of the Lutheran church.
Surviving are his wife Mary; two sons Capt. Lawrence BEACHELL and Harold, Omaha; a daughter, Mrs. Bernie McFarland, Omaha; two brothers James A., Oregon, and William A., Grant; a sister, Mrs. Ira C. SNYDER, Waverly; and two grandchildren.

BEACHELL, Edward Felix--Funeral services were held Tuesday at Methodist chapel. Rev. Ray Magnuson officiating. Burial in Waverly, Roper & Sons.
child ix. Charles BEACHELL(20) (21)(2) was born on 8 Aug 1886 in Greenbrier, Northumberland, PA. He was baptized on 14 Oct 1887. (98) He died in 1890 in Virgil City, Cedar, MO. He was buried in 1890 in , Cedar, MO. BIRTH: Died of croup at age 2 1/2.

Two birth dates 4 Oct 1867 & 4 Oct 1887 and two places of birth Virgil City & Cedar, Missouri.