216. Thomas Blakeney Sr. (259) was born about 1746 in England. (260) "My great grandfather was the eldest of three sons. His name was Thomas, as was also the name of all the early eldest sons of the Blakeneys. When a young man, he came to America, in the early days of our country, and bought lands on the south of Manhattan Island, from the Battery up to about the site of Trinity Church, and also in Vandam Street" (from the Blakeney-Sabin Genealogy).

He immigrated from Newry, Ireland in Aug 1765 to New York City, New York. (261) He was married to Catharine Burbank on 22 May 1766 in Presbyterian Church, New York City. (262)(245) (263)(264) (265) "Thomas Blakeney, as a young man, came to New York City before 1766, as on May 22 of that year, he married in the Presbyterian Church in that place, Catharine Burbank. Family tradition is that he was one of three sons. There is no evidence in New York deeds and mortgages that he ever owned any property in that city. The date of his death has not been found and family records state that he was lost at sea, when returning to his old home in England." - page 1 of the Blakeney-Sabin Genealogy.

"My grandfather, Thomas Blakeney, was the eldest son of my great grandfather, of the same name. When still young, great grandfather Thomas Blakeney, concluded to return to the parent country and settle up his estate there. He took with him all his required documents, and the steamer, with all board, was lost. This may account for the very few Blakeneys. Seemingly, when I was young, ours was the only family of that name. My father, Thomas Blakeney, used to impress upon us that grandfather was very particular that the name be spelled correctly." - pages 16 and 17 of the Blakeney-Sabin Genealogy.

217. Catharine Burbank (262) was baptized on 13 Apr 1742 in Staten Island. (266) "Catharine Burbank may have been the daughter of Lucas and Martha (Baely) Burbank of Staten Island, and baptized there April 13, 1742, but no documentary proof has been found to sustain it." - page 1. Children were:

child108 i. Thomas Blakeney Jr..
child ii. David Blakeney.
child iii. Jacob Blakeney.
child iv. "a stranger" Blakeney. This child, "aged two days, a stranger, was buried in Trinity churchyard;" The father was Thomas Blakeney and we assume this is the correct Thomas Blakeney.