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Family Origins

Levi Victor "Vackers" Terpenning Family Page

I have the family Bible's of Marinus, b. 28 mar, 1791, and Levi Victor, b. 28 jan 1813, also know as Levi Vackers. His Son, Samuel Agustus, was my Great Grandfather. Samuel moved to Deckerville,Mich from Virgil, N.Y. in 1884. Levi also had A Daughter Sarah who died infant, and A Son Jay who lived at Virgil, N.Y.

Notes from Merenas Terpenning Bible
Merenes Terpenning and Peggy Terpenning Feb. 8, 1812
Abraham Terpenning and Adaline Pierce Feb. 25, 1838
Levi V. Terpenning and Lucy Brown Feb. 12, 1840
William Terpenning and Delana Pierce Jan. 15, 1843
Delana died Jan. 28, 1844
William Terpenning and Clarrissa Ballou Feb. 2, 1845
2nd marriage
Noah Terpenning and Christeann Butts May 4, 1843
Laura Terpenning and Elias Butts Oct. 27, 1839
Margaret Terpenning and John Pirking Sep. , 1830
Abigail Terpenning and William Forshland Feb. 22, 1852
James Truman Terpenning and Hannah Backer July 4, 1855
Merenes Terpenning Mar. 28, 1790
Peggy Terpenning May 6, 1792
Levi V. Terpenning Jan. 28, 1813
Abraham Terpenning Jan. 4, 1815
William Terpenning Jun. 2, 1817
Noah Terpenning Jan. 27, 1820
Laura Terpenning Mar. 12, 1822
Peggy Terpenning Mar. 2, 1825
Anna Sophia Terpenning Jan. 25, 1828
Abigail E. Terpenning May 3, 1832
James Truman Terpenning Jul. 3, 1835
Merenes Terpenning Apr. 23, 1881 91 yrs 26 days
Peggy Terpenning July 31, 1869 77 yrs 2 mo 25 days
Levi V. Terpenning May 11, 1900 87 yrs 3 mo 14 days
Lucy B. Terpenning Jan. 15, 1878 60 yrs 10 mo
Abraham Terpenning Jan. 31, 1870 55 yrs 27 days
William Terpenning Feb. 10, 1901 83 yrs 8 mo 8 days
Delana Terpenning Jan. 28, 1844 21 yrs 5 mo 1 day
Noah Terpenning Nov. 1, 1895 75 yrs 9 mo 5 days
Anna Sophia Terpenning Oct. 9, 1829 1 yr 8 mo 14 days
Margaret Terpenning Pirking May 1, 1851 wife of John P.; spelling not clear
A note also found in this Bible
By Rev. William Bradford in Maratron, N. Y. May 22,1839, Daniel S. Simmons and Elizabeth Brown
By Rev. William Bradford in Maratron, N. Y. Feb. 12, 1840, Levi V. Terpenning and Lucy Brown
By Rev. William Bradford in Virgil, N. Y. June 29, 1854, Robert C. Sykes and Huldah Brown
Married June 21, 1856 by Rev. John Heep, Peter V. Blashfield of Homer and Catharine Brown of Treble, Cortland

Generation No. 10 LEVI JAY TERPENNING, son of Samuel Terpenning
Note by Elwin Terpenning
Levi Jay Terpenning born July 8, 1873, Virgil, New York, married July 27,1899, Anna J. Irwin, daughter of David and Susanne Irwin, died May 4, 1966, Deckerville.
Levi was born in Virgil, New York lived there until 12 years old than he moved with his parents to Deckerville, Michigan. He moved to Minnesota And became a partner with his Brother-in-law ,Henry Tuller and his brother George in a chain of general stores serving the lumber camps. Tuller and Terpenning stores were located at Bemidji, Cass Lake, Blackduck, Grand Rapids, Hibbings. He bought a 120 acre farm south of his father on Range Line Road lived there the rest of his life. He was on the Sample school board many years and the Wheatland Township Board, served as Elder with the Presbyterian church. He helped found the Fellowship Gospel Mission, later name changed to Deckerville Bible Church, and served on the board many years.
Levi and Anna married at Deckerville July 27, 1899, then went back to Mn.
4 children of Levi and Anna
1. Francis Iva Terpenning born May 19, 1900, in Deer River, Mn. married 1921, Russell A. Sykes, son of Samuel and Sarah Sykes, died Apr. 5, 1993

Elwin James Terpenning
4711 Range Line Road
Deckerville, Michigan 48427-9345
United States
Fax: 810-376-4645

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