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Family Origins

Alan & Trisha THATCHER's Family History Home Page

Welcome to my new home page.

The families of Trisha and Alan Thatcher were settled in north or east London by the end of the Victorian era. I am currently researching the earlier origins of these and other related families:

ASHCROFT (Sussex C18), BOSTON (Cambs C18), BREEN/E (Sussex C17), BURNETT (East London C19), BYFIELD (West Middlesex C18), DIETMAN/N (Schleswig-Holstein C18), EVERSDEN (Cambs C16), FEW (Cambs C18), FULLSTONE (Cambs C18), GAGE (Cambs C17), GARD (Somerset C18), HAM (Essex C18), HART (Cambs C19), HOBBS (Cornwall C18), HOWEY (Middlesex C19), MARTIN (Sussex C18), PAUL (Dorset C19), PETERS (Cambs C18), PHILLIPS (Cambs C18), PILBROW (Essex/Suffolk C18), PULLEN (East London C19), PUSHMAN (Dorset C18), READ/E (Berks/Oxon C17), RILEY (C18 Middlesex), ROBERTS (Beds/Cambs C18), SADLER (Cambs C17), SEMAIN/E (East London C19), STAGG (Somerset C18), SURETIES (East London C19), THATCHER (West Middlesex C18), TRIPLOW (Herts C18), WESTNUTT (Cambs C18), WIGGS (Beds C17), WRIGHT (East London C19), WYLES (North London C19)

Please click on the link below to enter Alan & Trisha’s Family History Website where you will find details of my research so far.

Trisha and I would love to hear from friends and family or fellow genealogists who may have spotted a link with their own research Please let us know what you think of the sites.

Thank you for visiting my home page.

Best wishes,

Alan Thatcher
Member of the Society of Genealogists
, Great Britain-England
Since 1983
Link to my research for the "World Connect Project"
Report Section:

The Family History of Alan & Trisha THATCHER

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