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Family Origins

My Wright Side

This site is in the process so check back often.

The Wright Side includes many families in Cleveland County, NC. Some of these are: Wright, Grigg, Howell, Clay, Alexander, Hoyle, Costner, Carpenter, Farmer, Horn, O'Neal, Kiser, and Brown. I have all but one set of my ancestors through my third great grandparents. Most were in Cleveland County in the piedmont area of North Carolina, but some were in neighboring Lincoln and Rutherford Counties. The dates go back to the late 1700s. I need to bring my data up to the present date. I will be glad to exchange information.

In addition, I have a hugh amount of data going back hundreds of years. My Fourth Great Grandfather, Job Wright, came from Mecklenburg County, VA about 1812 and settled in Rutherford (now Cleveland) County. He had four children: Newton, George, John "Jack", and Mary "Polly."

My Bryant Side begins with James S. Bryant. He lived in Surry County, NC and had nine (9) children. The story goes that he had a spat with the preacher and threw an apple through the church window and hit the preacher and knocked him off the pew. He thought he had killed the preacher and this scared him so much that he left his wife and nine children and skipped the country. Of course he had not killed the preacher. After his wife died, he married the widow Eliza Malinda Matheson Boyd and lived in Ashe County, NC where he died.

More to come..

H. Arlene Wright
P. O. Box 964
Glen Alpine, NC 28628
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