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Family Origins


Hi there, nice to be with you, happy you could stick around! (That's for fans of The Bonzo Dog Band). The majority of my family settled in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The first instance I have of the Zimmermans was Plymouth, Luzerne County in 1880; the Rydzewskis first show up in Kingston, Luzerne County in 1900; the Rutkowskis appear in Edwardsville, Luzerne County in 1910 (later moving to Kingston). My current "brick wall" is Phoebe Carris, my great-grandmother. I have only two mentions of her--my grandmother's death certificate which states that Phoebe was born in Dickson City, Lackawanna County, PA and a marriage certificate for my great-aunt (dated 21 August 1919) that says she was born in Scranton, Lackawanna County, PA and was deceased. Naturally I am trying to find out more about the Carris line. Seeing as you're here, I hope you find something of interest or, perhaps, something to help you out. I welcome any suggestions or corrections---Ben.

Benjamin Charles Zimmerman
7 Roosevelt Street
Edwardsville, Pennsylvania 18704-3212
United States

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